How To Create A Best Selling New Product From A Collection Of Old-But-Good Products

      Resell-Rights-Strategy-6 gives you the ability to really help your customers while making it easy for you to create a best selling product on demand.

      It's no secret that people are always looking for the "new" thing that will be so much better than the old thing. Because of this, you will make more money from your own "new" product than you can with your old one.

      The problem is, how do you come up with a "new" product when you already addressed all the problems in your old product? There are only a certain number of problems in any given field. New problems do come up, but do they really come up often enough for you to dedicate all the time and energy it takes to create a brand new product?

      In most cases the answer is no. You won't have enough material to keep coming up with a new product on the same subject over and over again, several times a year.

      So, how do you take advantage of the buyer's behavior that rewards new and better products with lots of sales?

      It's simple with resell-rights-strategy-6.

      Whenever there is a popular resell-rights "has-been" product, you can recycle it with a "Special Report" that highlights how it applies to a particular business or problem.

      Here's what you do to apply resell-rights-strategy-6:

      First select a resell-rights product that has sold really well. Next, take a look at how that information might apply to a specific industry or problem.

      Create a "Special Report" that focuses on the problems of one particular niche within that niche.

      Dan Kennedy explains that if there is a problem common to all business people you can create a product that will be helpful to all of them. However, if you take the same information and customize it to suit one particular business you can charge more for the same information.

      Then, if you take the information and look at exactly who uses that information and target your product to that particular person and name that person in the book, you can sell the same information at even a higher price.

      For example, if you have a product that shows people how to advertise effectively. If you take that product and customize it for the retail industry, you effectively have a "new" product that is now worth more to the retail industry than the original product would have been perceived to be.

      Take the same product and zoom in on, let's say, the car industry. The same information is now be seen as being more relevant to people in that business. You can take this another step and customize the same information and make a "training program for business managers" and it will be perceived to have more value for business managers.

      Essentially, you are still selling a program to improve advertising effectiveness. But when you customize it to a sub-niche you have a new product. You can keep customizing the same product to smaller and smaller parts of the niche until you run out of enough people to make it worthwhile as a business.

      There are many resell-rights products that contain information that is timeless . All you have to do is create a "Special Report" that makes one of the sub-niches feel "special" and you have an instant new product!

      Resell-rights-strategy-6 not only allows you to create a new product on demand, but it also allows you to charge more money for the same information over and over again.

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