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Strategies For Highly Profitable Google Adwords And PPC Campaigns

      Your landing page will determine how profitable your promotion is. It's the key to having a successful campaign because that's what gives the first impression to your prospects when they respond to your Pay Per Click (PPC) ad or a Google Adwords ad.

      What do people see first when they respond to your ad? Is your landing page converting a substantial number of your visitors to buy your product or at least sign up for your mailing list?

      Considering the importance of a landing page it's surprising how many people don't seem to have asked themselves these two questions.

      A landing page sets up the sale. Setting up the sale means setting the mind-set of the propect so they see things from your point of view. It is a conrnerstone for "pre-selling" the sales letter.

      Pre-selling is a process that gets the prospect in the right frame of mind so they are receptive to the sales letter. If you send people straight to a sales letter very few of them will buy (a professionally written sales letter will close 1% to 2% of visitors). However, if you send pre-sold people to the same sales letter your conversion rate will go through the roof.

      Some people have had success with having the landing page be the same as the sales letter. However, after experimenting, they realized that much of the traffic they sent was wasted compared to the results they got by using the landing page as a pre-selling tool.

      Click the topics below to discover the secrets to having your landing page "pre-sell" hugely profitable advertising campaigns. A proper landing page is one of the key secrets in copywriting for Internet marketing.

Google Adwords And Landing Pages

      Here is a great resource on Google Adwords and Landing pages that I learned a lot from. The Landing Page Brain Dump and the Adwords Rumours Crushed special reports are included as a bonus to the course. I found the information in these reports so down to earth and useful, I think worth more than the price of the whole course because they give you nitty-gritty details on how to build a profitable landing-page.

      The links below will give you some really good information on creating an effective landing-page:

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Landing-page-identity - The first step to getting loyalty from your customers

Landing-Page-Concept -- 3 Powerful Keys

Targeted-Landing-Page Increases Sales Closings

How To Use The Landing-Page-File-Name To Attract Warm, Willing To Buy Customers

Catch The Right Landing-Page-Conversation For Bigger Profits

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Landing-Page-Goal - The Secret To Powerful Copywriting That Brings In Sales

Landing-Page-Domain-Name - Add clickability to your link and sales to your bottom line.

Landing-Page-Headline -- Your doorway to a high converting sales page

Landing-Page-Major-Benefit - Really Work This "Hot Button"

Landing-Page-Flow Creates An Irresistible Desire To Buy

Landing-Page-Example1: How To Make A Heart To Heart Connection For Higher Profits

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