From Dan-Kennedy:
Quick Marketing Tips And Strategies To Help Build Your Business Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

      Dan-Kennedy is one of those people that you absolultely have to study if you are serious about growing your business to amazing heights in record time.

      I think we all want to grow as quickly as possible with the least effort possible. This is what Dan-Kennedy helps people do.

      Dan has produced so much material over the years that it is virtually impossible for anyone to encapsulate his ideas but I'm going to try. I'll take some of his courses and summarize a few of the key ideas for you. Beyond that, you'll have to get the courses for yourself.

      I find his ideas and concepts rich with depth and understanding of people and how business works. I know you will learn a lot from the summaries I provide for you and I encourage you to read and listen to his original courses as much as you can. They are sooo worth your time!

Dan-Kennedy's Info-Riches Course

      As part of his promotion for this course Dan's partner Rob Toth interviewed several business owners who have been making millions online and offline selling information products. He asked them three questions:

  • What is your vision for where the future of Information Marketing is headed?
  • What is your #1 success tip for anyone considering Information Marketing or already involved?
  • What is the biggest challenge or pitfall that holds individuals back from success in Information Marketing?
  • The Following Will Give You A Taste
    Of The Great Information
    Rob Toth Uncovered In His Interviews

    Summary Of Interview With Bill McRae

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