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      Direct-response-marketing-strategies are a perfect fit for marketing on the Internet. These strategies have been scientifically tested and have been used to sell billions of dollars of goods and services.

      Direct-response-marketing-strategies are developed carefully and painstakingly through scientific testing and tracking. Every detail of a direct-response-marketing piece is tested for profitability in small tests before it is rolled out to millions of people.

      One small mistake in testing could mean big losses for the advertiser. Due to the high stakes inherent in the direct-marketing business, there has to be a guarantee of profits before the full campaign is launched.       The reason direct-response-marketing-strategies apply directly to Internet marketing is because the internet is based on words, just like direct response ads. Test after test has shown that pictures in direct response advertising don't provide a high return on investment compared to words occupying the same space.

      The amount of space in a print ad is limited. If the direct-response package exceeds a certain size and weight the cost for mailing goes up. If the mailout doesn't provide a proportionate increase in profits there is no advantage of including the illustration (or other element that is being tested). Since there is limited space, every element of a direct-response piece has to prove its worth in profitability before it is used.

      Because of the intensity of the discipline needed to generate profits from a direct-marketing ad, the marketing principles have to be very reliable. The copywriting has to be impeccable. The look and feel has to be right on... with no room for error.

      The direct-response-marketing-strategies direct-resonse-marketing-strategies in this section will provide you with PROVEN techniques for generating a PROFIT. You can apply these methods to your Internet marketing with confidence. However, in the spirit of the way direct-response-marketing-strategies are developed, you would be wise to do small tests before you undertake a big expense in advertising.

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