52 Emotional-Motivators To Help You Move People To Take Action NOW!

      In Copywriting-Course-2 you will learn how to use the right emotional-motivators to write a successful sales letter rather than one that wastes your money. You can list all the features and benefits you want, but if your copywriting isn't "working" an emotional motivator, you won't get the reader to make a decision.

      People are emotional creatures. Regardless of how logical they try to appear, ALL decisions are based on emotion.

      A decision is made on an emotonal level first, then justified logically. Whether the person realizes it or not, every buyer decides to buy based on a "feeling" that "this is the right decision".

      There are basically two types of people: On one side of the spectrum there are those that "just know" what to do without getting "bogged down" in all the details. This is the purely emotional buyer. On the other side of the spectrum there are those people who need to critically analyze all the details before they make a decision.

      In both cases, if you ask these people, they will say that they "know" they made the right decision. If you ask them how they "know", they will talk about some of the features and benefits, but in the end they will admit that they "just know".

      As a copywriter you can tap into the the feeling that allows people to "just know". That feeling is an "emotional-motivator".

      Copywriting-Course-2 focuses on identifying the emotional-motivators that have PROVEN to make sales for direct marketing copywriters.

      EVERYTHING in a direct marketing sales letter is tracked and measured for effectiveness over a number of years. By the time something is declared PROVEN, it has been thoroughly tested for its effectiveness.

      You can count on the emotional-motivators in Copywriting-Course-2 to make you a lot of money. It is worth your time to practice using these specific motivators, above all others, to produce the maximum amount of sales.

      Joe Vitale has a whole course on copywriting which goes into detail about the ins and outs of using the ideas discussed in Copywriting-Course-2 effectively.

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