How To Write Product Reviews To Sell Affiliate Products

      To write product reviews is one of the most reliable ways to generate significant affiliate commissions. How significant is “significant”? It is common for people to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month from writing product reviews, but some people earn hundreds of thousands every month.

      What’s the difference between the people earning a “job liberating” income vs. people who make a “killing”? Those who make more money write more reviews and they build a list that they can market to over and over again.

Write Product Reviews That Get Maximum "Conversion-To-Sales"

      The biggest thing to learn in writing a successful product review is “conversion-to-sales”. A product review article is no good unless it motivates people to buy through your affiliate link.

      When you write a product review do whatever you can to get a high “conversion-to-sales”. Do anything and everything to make it easy for your prospect to make a decision. Using the techniques listed here will put you ahead of 99 percent of the crowd. But don’t stop there. Test, track and test some more. Keep improving your presentation. With this mind-set you will soon be able to dominate your niche. Being the dominant player in a niche is really worth the effort.

      ***This why it is important to dominate your niche*** - As you get better at presenting your case, people will spend more time on your page. They will click through your affiliate link more often. When Google sees this they will start treating you like an authority site and they will send more traffic to your page than anyone else in your niche. This is where you want to be. This is how you get far more free traffic from Google and the rest of the search engines. By being the dominant player in your niche you will get far more sales than your competitors ongoingly, with hardly any effort.

      There are two parts to calculating conversion to sales: One is how much traffic you are getting to your product review article. The other is how many people buy the product you want them to buy…through your affiliate link.

      This article will discuss how to write product reviews so people buy your affiliate products online. I’ll cover how to get traffic to your product reviews in other articles on this website.

Here Is A Poven Formula For Getting Sales From Your Product Reviews:

1. Select the right keywords to focus on.

      Keywords are the most important thing to keep in mind when writing for the Internet. You must focus the entire article on a particular keyword.

      Each keyword will attract people with a specific problem they want resolved. Focus your entire product review on that problem.

      Don’t worry about the other problems the product might solve. The people that other keywords would attract are not your target market in this article. Write other articles for other keywords as needed, but your product review article should always focus on only one keyword based problem at a time.

      “The right keywords are the ones that tap into an emotion that demands fulfillment.”

      When you do your keyword research, look for the pain that your product solves. One product can resolve many compelling emotional problems. Your job is to focus on only one emotional problem in an article.

      For instance, an acne cure addresses the problems of poor health, social acceptance, attractiveness to the opposite sex, self-confidence, having fun in life, and more.

2. Provide A Solution To Only ONE Keyword-Based Problem

      Based on your keyword research, pick a problem that your product review will focus on and show how your product is the best solution.

      Find the problems that people will do anything to cure. Better yet, pick a problem that can never really be satisfied…like “good looks”.

      Those who are susceptible to appeals related to good looks will always be looking for ways to look good. No matter how much money they spend on products, they will always be in the market for a product that promises to make them look good.

      These are the keywords that can take you into the big money because you can develop a list of these people and keep marketing different products and services to them forever. Being in this kind of niche is really great because the people on your list will really appreciate that you are helping them solve their problem by offering different products (using product reviews).

3. Don't Sell, Pre-Sell The Product

      Your main job in writing a product review is to pre-sell the product that you will ultimately recommend.

      Pre-selling is the art of establishing the criteria that your prospects will use when they start screening for the specific product they want to buy.

      Your job is to recommend a product that meets the criteria that you establish in your product review pre-sell. Here are the steps to pre-sell the solution to their problems:

  1. a. Make them acutely aware of their pain.

          In the process of doing your research you would have already found an aching pain that people need to resolve. Now, play up that pain with a story (your own story would be the best) or with examples that your prospects would be able to relate to.

  2. b. Next, take that problem and break it down into what causes the problem. Tell them what they should be looking for in order to get relief from the pain.
  3. c. Take a couple of competing products and compare their features. Show how they relate to the problem you are trying to solve.

          How well does each product solve the problem? What are the pros and cons of the solution provided by each product?

          Your analysis should be so thorough that any sensible person would pick the product you recommend, even if it happens to be a little more expensive.

  4. d. Always recommend the best solution to buy. Never make your analysis biased. People will see through it. Even if they don’t understand exactly why they don’t trust your opinion, they will get a “feeling” that will prevent them from buying.

          It’s not important that you have the right answer. What is important is that you recommend the product that you ‘authentically believe’ is the right answer.

          The “best” solution is always relative. As long as you are being truthful in justifying why the solution you are recommending is the best, your product review will come across as being credible.

  5.       That’s all people want. They just want a product review that they “feel” they can trust. If you do an honest comparison of products that they would compare and recommend the one that solves the specific problem dictated by the emotion-based keyword you have selected, people will buy.

  6. e. **This is the big secret** - If at all possible, incorporate all of the above into a story.

          It’s best if you tell your own story. This is how you get the best “conversion-to-sales”. You personally use the product and explain the process you went through to make your decision, the other products you tried and your conclusions after trying many (at least two) products.

          You can also tell the story of a close personal friend.

          If you don’t even have that you need to go Googling. Do a search on the keyword you are focusing on and try to find what experiences other people have had, both good and bad.

          Incorporate what you find into your product review and give quotes as needed, to illustrate the criteria you are establishing.

4. Establish A Short-List For Comparing Products

      Mention the dominant products in that niche and give a broad comparison of the short-list you established. Explain why you established that short-list.

      Use the criteria you established in your pre-sell.

      **Bonus** - Once you have mentioned the commonly known products, if you can come up with a product they haven’t heard of that “perfectly” solves the problem your product review is focusing on, you will get lots of sales.

5. List All The Features

      After you have told your “story” and established a short-list of products to compare, you need to list the features of each product you are comparing.

      Discuss only the features that relate to the problem addressed by your selected keyword.

      For the other features, just list them.

      Provide links to other articles that discuss the problems solved by other features.

      Eventually you will develop a network of keyword-problem based articles (that are linked to each other) that recommend your affiliate product from several different angles. That’s when your sales are going to go through the roof.

6. Provide Solid Proof

      Provide solid proof that your criteria works.

      Provide proof that the product you are recommending meets your criteria better than the other products you are recommending.

      Again, your own story is the best, but if you don’t have a personal story to tell, use other people’s quotes as you find them on the Internet.

      NEVER make up a quote because, believe it or not, people will be able to see through it and you will lose all credibility.

      …but here’s how you can fake a quote and it will have a pretty good result: Simply use quotation marks around the statement you want to highlight. Don’t attribute it to anyone, just use the quotation marks.

      For some reason, just because you are using quotation marks people assume someone actually said that and it will add credibility to what you are saying.

      However, if you can provide a quotation from a real, live person with their name and the city they live in, that’s the most powerful way to use quotations.

7. Mention Some Negatives Of The Product

      No product is perfect. Mention the negatives of the product, but show how the benefits outweigh the negatives.

      Mentioning some negatives adds to your credibility.

      Understand that I didn’t say to discuss the negatives. Just mention them.

      On the other hand, if the negative point disqualifies someone from using that product, be sure to mention that. Discuss it, if necessary.

      People will really appreciate your honesty and they will buy the alternative product you recommend…because they now trust you more.

8. Tell Them Exactly How To Order The Product

      ALWAYS have a call to action.

      Don’t just discuss the pros and cons. Don’t just tell a story. After you have done your analysis, tell them what to do next. Tell them to “try it out” and say “I know you’ll like it”.

      This may be the shortest part of your product review but without it your conversion-to-sales will plummet!

9. Always Use Images And/Or Videos

      A video will dramatically improve your conversion-to-sales ratios.

      The video doesn’t even have to be good and your sales will go up.

      What do you put on the video? Preferably, you would have yourself on the video telling your story. If not you, then you can go to and pay someone five bucks to have them do a quick video for you.

      If you are not telling your own story you can do a presentation of some of the highlights of the product.

      Show the product being used. If that is not possible, show the result of the product. If you can’t do that, show proof that the product worked.

      The above guidelines apply to images, as well.

      Always show an image of the product. If it is an information product show how you benefitted from it in your life…illustrate how your life improved.

      If you are not using a picture of yourself, a picture of a dog or a cat, a baby and good looking people, especially women will improve your sales.

10. DON'T Write A Sales Letter

      It's a BIG Mistake – Never turn your product reviews into a sales pitch. That’s not why your reader is there. What they are looking from you is “personal” advice on what they should buy. So, be personal in your approach and help them make the right decision.

      I mean, really help them make the right decision. They will feel your genuineness and will more readily act on your recommendation.

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