Copywriting Course 1

How To Use
Powerful Emotional Appeals
To Blast Sales Records

      Copywriting Course 1 will show you how to set up a subliminal context for your web page. You will learn how to appeal to powerful emotions that will turn a casual visitor into buying customers.

      There are 7 basic emotions that your sales page can appeal to. These represents the theme you would be building for your presentation. Depending on the nature of your customer, select one main appeal and maybe one other as a minor appeal.

      Tell a story or use examples to illustrate the emotion you are appealing to. Get your website visitor involved with interactive copy, audio or video. Use familiar cues to trigger the emotion you are trying to evoke.

      The more clearly you can get your prospect to experience the emotion, the more powerfully they will respond when you finally ask for the order.

      In copywriting course 1 we will cover the seven main appeals that professional copywriters use to boost sales.

      The seven appeals are:

  • Sex, love and intimacy
  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Health
  • Self improvement
  • Respect
  • Pleasure
  •       Click on the links below to see how each of these powerful emotional appeals can be used to make your copy more profitable.

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