How To
Work-From-Home Part-Time And
Make More Money Than You Do In Your Full Time Job

      This is for real. You CAN work-from-home in a legitimate business and make thousands every month AUTOMATICALLY, without lifting a finger...AFTER you have set up your business properly.

      If you don't believe me just go to Google and type in "resell-rights" and see what happens. At the time of this writing there were 1,690,000 websites listed under those keywords. There were also 6 full pages of adwords ads. If you start clicking on the generic listings you will find thousands of people promoting resell-rights products.

      Are all those people making money? I doubt it. Most people probably just got excited about the idea after reading an article like this and started advertising resell-rights thousands of others before them.

      But this article is different...

      In this article I'll show a real way to make money from resell-rights products ...Just like the "regulars" who are always advertising in the Google Adwords column on the right and in the "Sponsor Ads" on top of Google's results.

      The reason most of the people who get involved in the resell-rights business fail is because they are selling old, used-up ebooks and software. There is nothing "different" about what they are offering to their marketplace.

      Selling resell-rights products is a great " work-from-home " business because you don't have to spend any time in creating your product or sales letter. All you have to do is upload the professionally created sales page to your domain and start marketing.

      Another reason most resell-rights product sellers don't get anywhere is because they don't know how to market their product online. They try a few spammy things and when they don't get good results in the first couple of tries, they give up and go home with their "work-from-home" dreams shattered.

      You can eliminate both of these problems easily:

      The first thing to do is to make sure you have a FRESH, good quality ebook or software product. Reject any product that is more than two years old and does not offer a professionally written sales letter. If you find a fresh product, buy it. Make sure it is of good quality.

      If you try to sell a poor quality product you will really have a tough time. A LOT of products are sold online because the word gets around that "this is a good product". A LOT more sales happen because your old customers come back to find that you are offering a new product and buy it because they had a good experience the first time.

      It IS possible to work-from-home and have an AUTOMATIC income stream if you offer a good product because of referrals and repeat business.

      Once you have a good product with resell-rights find a few high traffic forums and blogs and contribute in a constructive way. As people start to get to know you and realize that you are an intelligent person, they will want to know you better and they will click on the link you provide in the signature block of your postings.

      When people start visiting your site you should collect their name and email address in exchange for some free information that will help them. Again, if you provide some really useful free information they will be encouraged to buy your product.

      Once someone has bought your product some of them will tell their friends about where they picked up this great ebook or software. This is how the cycle begins.

      Since you have been collecting people's names and email addresses you will be able to announce when you have a new product. As soon as you have done this, the sales will start to pour in. The referral and repeat sales process will have started.

      As you can see there is a little effort in setting up your business properly, but once you have done that you can easily work-from-home a few hours a week and still make thousands of dollars, AUTOMATICALLY, without lifting a finger.

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