How To Use Trust To Get MASSIVE Conversion Rates

      Trust and friendship. If you can develop these in your prospects you can write your own paycheque. Without these, you are guaranteed not to have one.

      The job of a copywriter is to produce a web page that will sell, sell, sell. This is because the task of copywriting happens at the end of the marketing strategy, in the implementation stage.

      However, if the marketing strategy is flawed, there is no way a copywriter can sell anything. The right frame of mind for a copywriter starts in the marketing strategy.

      Unfortunately, most marketers don't spend a lot of time thinking about the overall business process and just focus on selling the item at hand. With this type of focus, the copywriter does his best by using tricks and techniques to close sales.

      The good news is that there is a better way. You can increase your sales ten-fold by having the right frame of mind by planning a long-term marketing strategy for your company.

      What is that frame of mind? It is the concept of building trust with your prospects before you start pitching your products.

      Extensive testing has proven that THE most expensive thing for any marketer to do is to get a first-time response from a prospect. If the prospect has a good experience in the first exposure to your marketing process, it is highly likely that they will be open to repeated soliciations from you.

      Instead of trying to close the one deal at the first meeting, think about providing an amazing experience that encourages them to want more contact with you.

      If you keep providing good information that continues to interest your reader, the reader will begin to have faith in you as a source of information. They will begin to rely on your word.

      When you recommend something, they will know from experience that you know what you are talking about. Confidence in your word will make them more inclined to take the action you want them to take.

      Here's what this means:

      You need to take a long-term view of your marketing strategy. Take time to build a trust relationship with you prospects.

      Use good copywriting to engage the reader's mind and get them to take small steps toward a better UNDERSTANDING of first their need/desire and then of the product you are selling.

      Some people will try to do all this in one sales letter. That may be a mistake (depending on product you are selling). It is better to get their email and physical mail address and be in touch with them repeatedly over a long period of time.

      Spend this time educating them. Test the amount of trust you have developed by asking them to do small things like download a special report or listen to a special recording. Once you start getting a response from the people on your mailing/emailing list, you will find that they are more responsive to your offers to buy products and services.

      Now, a practical point you need to keep in the back of your mind: Your list will get to know you by what you send them over time. If they get used to getting great information for free all the time and suddenly you start sending them offers to buy something, they will be startled and you will lose trust in their eyes.

      It is better to send them some great information and selling offers right away. This way they know up front that you are in business and you expect them to buy something.

      They will get to know you as a valuable source of free information that provides even more value in paid products.

      From a copywriting point of view, you need to build two kinds of trust. First they need to trust you enough to open your emails, then they need to trust your recommendations enough to buy what you suggest.

      Trust. This is the key word to getting massive conversion rates to your copywriting-for-Internet-marketing.

      When you try to sell someone something in the first meeting or the first time they come to your site, your conversion to sales will be very low. A great copywriter will convert 1% to 4% at best.

      However, if you send people on your list that you have taken time to build a trust relationship with, to a sales page, your conversion rate can be up to 100% or even MORE!

      How is this possible? If your customers like your offer so much that they start sending their friends to your site, you will gain many more sales from people that you never even had on your list.

      This is called viral marketing.

      The only way to have great, long-lasting success is to take time to build trust with the human beings on your list.

      You can get more details on building trust and viral marketing through Joe Vitale's courses. Joe covers the subject of trust in copywriting and marketing strategy in his famous courses on Hypnotic Marketing and Hypnotic Selling.

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