For Adults Only - Advanced Techniques To Get Traffic To A Website With Article Marketing

      This article is meant for an adult audience. It’s the naked truth about getting traffic to a website with article marketing. If you do what I’m suggesting here, many article directory owners won’t like you... but you’ll get tons of traffic to your website and make a lot of money.

      It’s true. There are many nice, clean methods of getting traffic to a website with article marketing that are very effective. But if you incorporate techniques from this article into your article marketing strategy your website traffic will go through the roof.

      There are two basic strategies involved in getting traffic to a website with article marketing. One is to get a whole bunch of good quality articles “out there” that will bring good quality prospects to your website... and eventually get you some good Google search results.

      The other is to “just get anything out there” so you have an extensive network of backlinks pointing to your website which gets your site to the top of Google search results fast for lots of keywords, which results in lots and lots of targeted web site traffic to your site.

      Writing good quality articles which pre-sell your product is a solid, time-tested method of getting clients. No one can dispute that.       However, writing good quality articles that brand your company or you as an author takes up a lot of time and effort. Not everyone has those resources and not everyone is willing to use their time and effort to write articles “all day long, for months”.

How To Stop Slaving Over Your Computer All Day Long And Still Get Lots Of Traffic To A Website

      So, what’s the solution?

      Because we are talking about writing articles and distributing them on the Internet in order to get traffic to a website, we have the opportunity to use software to make our lives easier. This is how we blow the socks off the traditional article writing / article marketing “professionals” who are to pure to stretch a little.

What can software do that humans can’t?

      On the simplest level, software can mass distribute your article to hundreds, and even thousands of article directories. Just think about this:

      1. Thousands upon hundreds of thousands of people turn to article directories every day for advice and research.

      2. Search engines give preferential treatment to articles posted in article directories, so your article gets top rankings for your keyword.

      3. Article directories develop a following, so you get the benefit of communicating with people who are less defensive when they see the message.

      4. If you can get your article posted to hundreds and thousands of targeted article directories (by using software), in relevant keyword categories, think of all the qualified prospects you would be able to influence. Think of how much it would help in getting warm, willing to buy traffic to a website.

      The potential is mindboggling! Isn’t it?

      However, you could never do that manually. Trying to submit to thousands of directories one directory at a time would take you months just for one article.

      Keep in mind that in order to dominate the search results you need to get as many articles as possible to as many places on the Internet as possible, as quickly as possible.

      You need lots of articles posted throughout the Internet if you want to get lots of traffic to a website. If posting just one article is going to take you months, the strategy of manually submitting hundreds of articles becomes completely impractical.

      With the help of the right software, you can do just that. With a simple click of a button your article can be in front of potentially thousands of website visitors within a few minutes.

      Do you think that would make a difference to how much you get paid for writing articles? Do you think you will get a TON of good quality traffic to a website? You bet!

      Now, let’s take that concept up a notch.

The Problem With Article Marketing Software

      First, let’s acknowledge the good side of this strategy: Your article gets “out there” and you get lots of good quality backlinks to your website.

      But there is a problem. When you have the same article posted to potentially thousands of places all over the ‘Net, the search engines will only give a good placement for one or two of the sites where your article shows up. They don’t want to present the same article over and over again from each source that you have posted it on.

      But that’s not good enough for you, because you are greedy and you want it all ;-)

“Hyperactive Article Marketing”

      What you want is to be able to push a button and get thousands of backlinks to your site AND you want each article to get good rankings in the search engines! Because that's what it takes to get the most web site visitors.

      How do you get maximum traffic to a website from each article? You use software to automatically spin your article.

      When you spin an article you can get thousands of different versions of the same article with the press of a button. If you do it right, each article is at least 70 percent different from any other version. This is good enough for the search engines. They will consider each article as an original and provide good rankings to each (potentially). Getting Google to look favorably upon you is the way to get traffic to a website.

Humans Are The Problem?

      The problem with spinning articles is that they are never as good as a proper, human written article. A spun article is never as good as the original.

      There will be places in the software generated (spun) article where it just doesn’t make sense to a human. It will read fine for the search engines, but it certainly won’t serve to pre-sell your product from a human perspective because it doesn’t flow properly.

      Software generated articles provide very poor quality content, from an article directory’s point of view.

      This is why submissions to article directories are monitored by humans. Any article directory that has good rankings in Google and other search engines is very careful to post only good articles to their directory. They want to be known for providing high quality information to humans and to search engines. They don’t want to waste their reader’s time with junk.

      When article directories see “junk” coming from a particular author or from a particular IP address, they will ban that account. They don’t have time to waste on someone that provides “junk” articles.

How To Make Spun Articles Good For Human Consumption

      The way around this is to use a “good” article spinner.

      Although a “spun” article is never as good as an original, human written article, it is possible to put some quality into “automated articles”.

      Better quality article spinners allow you to manually edit the variables so most of the articles will turn out fairly readable. Though not perfect, these articles are good enough to satisfy the human editors of many article directories.

      It’s not that difficult to spin an article and manually tweak it so it makes sense, but it does take some time and effort.

      The effort required to properly spin an article is worth it because you end up getting thousands of variations of your article that are of reasonable quality, published all over the Internet.

How To Not Get Banned From Article Directories

      In addition to the possibility of getting your article turned down due to poor quality writing, there is the factor of having your account banned by the article directories when they see automated submissions happening from a particular author or IP address.

      The way the article marketing software gets around this is by using many different IP addresses, or they open up many different accounts under different author names and replace banned accounts with new ones whenever needed. (When you are stretching the limits of the "system" you need to be aggressive and work around it's limitations).

Take A Practical Approach To Get More Targeted Traffic And Make More Money With Software Generated Articles

      If you use the techniques as I have outlined in this article, the content you put out will not be considered “spam” to article directories. Mind you, it certainly won’t be your best work “out there”, but you will still be providing some value to readers of your article.

      These methods are far from perfect, but if you use them, they will give you a lot more targeted traffic to your website. Your website will rise in the rankings for your chosen keywords and you are likely to make a lot more money with each article written.

      The way I use this mass-article-marketing method is by publishing my best work under my name. I use software to add to my personal efforts by submitting articles under a pen-name.

      Some people only use the mass marketing methods and don’t submit good quality, one of a kind articles. I don’t agree with that.

      What you lose with the mass marketing approach is the ability to present your best pre-sell. Pre-selling is the most powerful aspect of article marketing. You never want to give that up because pre-selling is what gets you sales.

      However if, with a little bit of effort, you can magnify the benefit of your article by ten or a hundred times (by using article marketing software) without losing the entire pre-sell, I think it is worth it.

      You decide for yourself. There is a trade-off, but the benefits of using software are indisputable. There are lots of people who would rather not have to deal with it (namely, the article directory owners), but for a business person, using software generates a lot of traffic to a website which results in a lot of extra sales.

      Here are some resources that I have found effective in using these techniques to get traffic to a website:

Which Is The Best Tool To Get Traffic To A Website?

    Unique Article Wizard - This is my favourite tool for mass distribution of better quality articles. Their system for “spinning” articles involves significant human input so it takes a little time. The result is that the spun articles generated by the software produces actually make sense so the quality of articles produced is good. They have an extensive distribution network among article directories. Anything you put through this system will produce really good results. They have a Stealth Marketing Course that you can sign up for.

    SE Nuke - This is a deluxe software suite that is so good that you are likely to have several listings on the first three pages of a Google search. They claim that you will be able to squeeze out everyone else on the first three pages of a Google search for your target keyword. I haven’t seen that happen, but I have certainly seen many listings for the same article / video on the first three pages of a Google search. It works like a charm to drive traffic to your website. Here are some SE Nuke Success Stories . Distribute Your Articles - These guys have the most extensive network of article distribution to ezine and blog owners, in addition to a large number of article directories. The power of distribution to actual humans who have a lot of reach online is powerful. Because they connect you up with humans, you need to be willing to correspond with them to an extent if you want maximum distribution. It’s a little bit of work for some really amazing results.

    The Best Spinner - If you just want a good tool to spin articles, this is the one to get. The reason is that these guys are actively updating their program regularly. They have over 1 million synonyms in their database and growing. The software tracks how users change the words generated by the software so the article makes more sense. Then it learns from that and next time, potentially, it will come up with a better fit for what you are writing. This is “smart” technology in action. I don’t know of any other article spinning software that does that. Powerful.

    Should You Practice 'Moderation' In Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

          I don't think so! No way. Do it all!! I mean it. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION AT BLINDING SPEED!

          In marketing there is no such thing as "best". Every method of getting traffic to a website has its place. It depends on the situation you are in and your skill level.

          The basic approach I follow is to "do it all!" The more techniques you use to get traffic to a website, the more traffic you will get. The more website visitors you get to a website, the more money you make.

          The only thing I would caution you about is that you should put all your efforts into getting good quality traffic. Not just any old traffic. Only good quality website traffic is worth the effort.

          If you don't know how to get good quality traffic to a website, you should definitely take the time to learn how to the run a successful business online. It's really worth your while if you are serious about making money online. making money online .

    *** Warning! ***

          **** Take time to master the basics first! *** What I have described here are advanced techniques that won’t work if you don’t have a solid grounding in the basics of Internet marketing like: how to select a profitable niche, how to select profitable keywords, how to write articles that attract the search engines, how to write articles that generate leads and sales, all the differentways to get traffic to a website, etc., etc., etc.

          In order to get a comprehensive “hands-on” education in how to set up a profitable Internet business I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate University . They provide a complete education on all aspects of Internet marketing and business development for a very affordable price. Do this first, before you get into the types of techniques described in the above article.

          Getting traffic to a website is important but only if you have a profitable business strategy behind your website.

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