How To Use A
To Increase The
Number Of People
Who Buy From You

      If you want to increase the number of people who buy from you, use a highly specific, targeted-landing-page. The more specific the better.

      When you advertise on Google adwords or other PPC search engine, you should be advertising a specific product. You need to put the make, model and price of the product right in the ad.

      The key words you use should also specifically attract people who are interested in the specific make, model, and price of the product you are advertising.

      Following this, if your targeted-landing-page talks about anything else, you will lose sales.

      Do you see how this works? The easiest sale you will ever make is to a person who is looking for a specific product at a specific price, if you can offer exactly what she wants.

      This is a basic concept in marketing as well as in designing a targeted-landing-page. Instead of smashing your head against a wall trying to convince people to buy something they may not be interested in, it is far easier to find what people are eagerly interested in buying and sell it to them.

      That's the beauty of PPC advertising. You can attract people with specific needs by bidding on specific key words. When someone types in a specific key word they are saying that they are interested in that specific topic.

      Your targeted-landing-page needs to address what your prospect is asking for.

      The "marketing to a general audience" concept is a very unprofitable way to do things. Your costs go way up and your closing ratio goes way down. A general approach only attracts the curious. It doesn't attract people who are ready to buy right now!

      If you advertise using a general key word you will need to spend a lot of time educating your reader before they are at the point of being willing to pay money for something. In the meantime, they may become distracted by another vendor on the Internet.

      Website visitors get distracted so easily. The biggest challenge in copywriting for Internet marketing, as opposed to any other type of copywriting is keeping the attention of the site visitor.

      a targeted-landing-page attracts the visitor, holds their attention and closes the sale much more easily. This is because the only way they can get to your targeted-landing-pages is by searching for that specific item.

      A targeted-landing-page allows you to spend less money on advertising and make a higher bottom-line profit.

      For more information on how to make a profitable, targeted-landing-page study the special reports in this Google Adwords program.

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