SEnuke Review
It Works And It’s Easy.

      SEnuke is a powerful software program that allows you to do a lot of backlinking strategies quickly and easily. It’s a real time saver.

      I have personally used this software to get multiple listings on the first page of Google even though, frankly, I put in a half hearted effort.

      The way it works is that you first type in a broad keyword that you think you want to use. SEnuke then collects the data on related keywords and recommends the ones that will be easy to dominate. The whole process is basically one click and you have all the data.

      The next step is to develop a keyword focused article that will be used to get backlinks from article directories, blogs and other websites. At the click of a button SEnuke goes out and finds a keyword focused article from the top article directories.

      Unfortunately, we can’t use these articles the way they are because we want to make sure we don’t violate anyone’s copyright. We can use the ideas from these articles but we can’t just put our name on them and build backlinks to our site.

      So, what we need to do is rewrite the article in different words. Preferably, we want our article to be at least 70 percent different from any other article on the Internet.

      Again, with the click of a button, the software spins the article so a different article is produced every time it is published online.

      Now, to be honest, the automated program doesn’t result in a great article every time it produces a new version. This is where you need to do a little bit of work.

      Rather than just clicking a button like we have done until now, you need to go through the article and make sure all the variations make sense. In order to do this you need to read through the article spinning format and eliminate the language that is uncomfortable or un-natural. If needed, you can replace words and phrases with your own terms to make the article more readable.

      That’s it. Editing the article is the only thing that I recommend you do manually.

      After you have a keyword focused article ready, you just press another button and your article will go out to thousands of article directories, blogs, web 2.0 properties and anywhere else it can, to get you backlinks.

      The backlinks you get from SEnuke aren’t just ordinary backlinks. You’ll end up getting backlinks from high authority sites that help boost your site in the search engine rankings.

      Really, that’s all you need to do: A few clicks of a button and edit an article.

      The results I got were pretty impressive. I got first page rankings for over 25 keywords, even though I was only targeting four or five.

      For many keywords I got multiple listings on the first page of a Google search.

      In many cases I got several listings on each of the first three pages, and in one case I had multiple listings on the first four pages of a Google search.

      Wow. All this was achieved with about 20 minutes of work per keyword campaign.

      The new version is even more streamlined so it is faster and more effective.

      Where I think SEnuke does better than other such software is by successfully publishing good quality content on web 2.0 properties. If you Google “top 50 article directories by traffic” you’ll get a list of the top web 2.0 properties. SEnuke is able to get you on to many of these sites.

      If you have ever done submissions to these sites you know it takes a long time to go through their process to put up a good page. However, SEnuke does this automatically.

      If you are challenged for time and you want to get good search engine rankings for your website I recommend you get SEnuke. There is a free trial for 14 days, but I recommend you pay up front and take the 30 day trial. In thirty days you’ll be able to accomplish a lot. The price won’t even be a factor if you put the software to work for 30 days.

Click here to download the software for SEnuke here.

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