Save-Time, Work And Effort
Use These Motivators
To Build A More Powerful Salesletter

      Save-time, work and effort... magic words for the busy professional. People get very emotional about these things. That makes them powerful emotional motivators that copywriters can use to make their sales letters more profitable.

      Normally, the "save-time" type of appeal does not work for people are comfortable with their status in life. The ambitious professional or independent business owner would pay dearly to have "just a little more time" in their day. These people may not have time, but they do have money and are more than willing to spend it to get what they want... to "save-time", work and effort.

      As usual, you should not be in a position where you are trying to "sell" the idea that it is beneficial to save-time or get things done with less effort. Smart marketers only market to "ripe" markets. You should promote with the "save-time" angle if you know that your prospects are desperate to save time.

      Here is an example of how Rich Schefren uses the "save-money" emotional motivator effectively. Just scroll down the sales letter to the part about increasing your reading speed. You'll notice that he doesn't spend any time talking about how great it would be to be a faster reader.

      The headline dives in and makes a big bold promise to an audience that is thirsting for this type of skill:

      "At least DOUBLE your reading speed … Comprehend everything you read instantly … Develop instant recall of facts, figures, names and more …"

      However, after mentioning the amazing abilities the reader can acquire, Rich use the powerful ego motivator:

      "Emerge as the #1 thought leader in YOUR market!"

      Contrary to what I said earlier, it seems like Rich is "selling" the benefit of being a fast reader. In reality, after promising to provide what the reader is looking for, he is just reminding them of one of the key benefits. But he doesn't spend a lot of time elaborating on the benefit.

      People always buy benefits, not the features. In this case, Rich identified that people were keenly interested in this particular feature, so he started with the feature but then he quickly supported it with the benefit because that's what sells. Since his target audience is already sold on the benefit there is no need to re-sell it to them.

      The rest of the copy in this section of the sales letter drives home the point that the reader will save-time, "effortlessly" and "easily" (less work).

      After promising to save-time , work and effort several times, Rich wastes no time in asking for the order.

      I've copied and pasted the relevant part of the sales letter below. Rich Schefren is one of the top people you can turn to if you want to grow your business quickly. His coaching program comes highly recommended by the "who's who" of Internet marketing and direct marketing. You can read the whole sales letter here .

Below is a copy of the part of the salesletter that relates to the "save-time" topic covered in this article

Rich Schefren's Business Acceleration Program

"At least DOUBLE your reading speed … Comprehend everything you read instantly … Develop instant recall of facts, figures, names and more …

Emerge as the #1 thought leader in YOUR market! – With Patricia Hutchings, Speed Reading Mastery

  • Double (or even triple) your reading speed in 15 seconds or LESS: I know – you’d be crazy to believe such an amazing promise. Right? But the thing is, it’s true! I’ve done it, my coaching students have done it and Patricia will do it for you, too.

    This little gem alone will empower you to devour two, even three times more business books this year – an essential part of achieving Maven status – and an enormous advantage over your competitors that’s worth the price of the whole program!

  • The One Big Secret shared by executives who read 700 Words Per Minute and more: Why learning this method not only lets you blast through an entire page of text in a second or two; it also burns the information into your brain like an image is burned onto film in a camera. Result: Your comprehension and memory of everything you read skyrockets!
  • Comprehension made easy: Once you get this simple secret from Patricia, you’ll fully comprehend everything you read instantly – and burn through even the most dense text blazingly fast!
  • Mentally process reading material instantly: These methods use the natural structure of your brain and its neural pathways to not only make your learning fast and easy, but also effortless and fun at the same time!
  • Develop Total Recall: The Total Recall trick that lets you access material from your memory as easily as grabbing a file from a drawer using the knowledge that your brain “sees” everything whether you’re conscious of it or not. You’ll have instant recall of facts, figures and entire passages anytime you need them!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!
  • Order my complete Business Acceleration Program now for as little as $997 – and claim up to $14,688 in extra business-building bonuses - Get the Business Acceleration Program!"

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