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      Romance-in-copywriting can make your salesletter so compelling that people are willing to crawl over broken glass to pay you money for you product. Yes, it's actually that powerful if you learn how to use this emotional appeal properly.

      We are a very lonely society. The desire for sex, love and intimacy is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that we are willing to do just about anything that will end our pain.

      Effective copywriting is about showing people how your product will eliminate their pain. Once you have identified that your product will eliminate any pain related to romance you have a real money machine in your hands.

      The example I am using to illustrate how to use romance-in-copywriting is by the famous Eban Pagan. He uses the pen-name of David DeAngelo in this niche.

      This salesletter is the starting point of his $20 million+ business catering to the romance niche. If you are a serious copywriter in any niche, it would be worth your while to sign up for his newsletter and go through his state-of-the-art sales process. I can't recommend this highly enough.

      Eban (David) uses a two-step process. First, he uses a "squeeze page" to get people to sign up for his newsletter to filter out the lookers from the people who are serious about fiding a solution to their romance "pain". Like any copywriting that sells, if you want to succeed with using romance-in-copywriting you have to address a "romantic pain". That's what Eban promises to eliminate through his newsletter.

      Notice the "big" promise he makes in the headline that he is offering secret knowledge that his audience "just knows" is "out there": "You're About To Learn The Secret That Most Men Will Never Know About Women..."

      He then goes on to list the specific problems that he knows his audience is having problems with:

      "...How To Tell If She Is Ready To Be Kissed"

      "The difference between how men and women think about dating..."

      "How to use "secret" body language to keep a woman's attention".

      "How to approach new women that you'd like to meet..."

      How does he know that his site visitors are looking for answers to these specific problems? Like any good marketer, he tested different appeals until he found the ones that worked the best.       Once you sign up for his newsletter Eban takes you to a three-step sales letter.

      The first page is brief but answers a burning question that every man has faced in a dating situation: "How To Tell If She Is Ready To Be Kissed".

      Not only does this headline get the reader interested, it also gets his hormones going. It's EMOTION and EMOTION ONLY that motivates a person to buy. Logic has no power to MOVE a person. What stronger emotion is there than the desire for sex, love and intimacy. This is romance-in-copywriting at its best.

      If the reader of this page reads all of this page he realizes that he has found a valuable source of some really great information on this topic. This tempts him to click the button to get to the next page.

      It is important to realize that in the process of clicking the link for the next page he is subconsciously "learning" to click on the recommended link in order to get the "reward" of solving his pain.

      On the next page Eban starts off like an informative article, promising to show the "exact steps and specific directions to help you be more successful...". With the anticipation of some more great information the reader keeps getting sucked into the "slippery slide" that Joseph Sugarman talks about.

      This page is dedicated to four things:

  • "working the pain" and
  • getting the reader to really feel it and,
  • establishing his credibility and
  • offering a solution.

      Of course this formula applies to all kinds of copywriting, not just when you use romance-in-copywriting.

      At this point he doesn't let on that he will be selling the solution. Using romance-in-copywriting is like romance: you have to keep your partner wondering what's next. The goal is to keep them reading. If a person does not read the salesletter how will the copywriter get a chance to show that she can solve the reader's problem? In this case the reader keeps reading, expecting that he will get some more free information.

      The last page in the sales process talks about all the good information contained in the book. The reader keeps reading with his guard down since there hasn't been a pitch to buy something. (This is another parallel where romance-in-copywriting is like romance.) In the process of reading the sales letter the reader gets a clear understanding that this book will solve all his romance problems.

      He offers attractive free bonuses, all related to solving the romantic problems of the reader, that he would happily pay for... all for a very low price compared to the value of the package. When copywriting for anything, it is important to offer a complete solution. Successflly using romace-in-copywriting means "over-delivering" the benefit that your reader is looking for.

      The end of the letter is sheer genius. Eban combines the "greed" emotional motivator to really power up the effect of using romance-in-copywriting. The effective use of both of these motivators keeps the reader irresistibly involved in the sales letter.

      If the reader has not bought the book and is still reading until the end of the page Eban offers several free articles with more information. This establishes even more credibility since he kind of promised in the beginning that he is offering free information. Each article reiforces the need for the book to get further details. This gets the reader back into the conversation to buy the book.

      At the very end of the sales letter are several testimonials from satisfied clients. Each testimonial gives an example of the successful end result with a real story to back up the compliment.

      Even though this a very successful sales letter I wouldn't recommend writing out the whole letter to learn how to use all the sophisticated methods Eban has used romance-in-copywriting. In this case, your time would be best spent reading all parts of the letter with a view of getting the psychology he is using at each step.

      The emails he sends in his newsletter are also very worthwhile studying.

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