How To Make Big Bucks Selling A Product That Is Available For Free

      Resell-rights-strategy-7 will show you how to make money selling a hot product that you don't have to create.

      There are many books that people have written and then everyone has forgotten about them. They may have been very popular in their time, but today no one remembers.

      It could also be that the original book was published and it actually didn't sell very well but the information in it is excellent.

      People buy value. Value is a personal thing. If you can do the research and provide easy access to an information product people will be willing to pay you for providing the convenience.

      Often times a book, report, or research paper might be available for free from an easily accessible source but people don't know about the source.

      In this case, many times people haven't even thought of looking for information in that source. If you are the one to find the information and can use it for free there is no harm in being the "marketer" and charging for it because it is new information for your customer. They wouldn't know to look in that source anyway.

      These forgotten books, reports and research papers where the copyright has expired are known as " Public Domain " material.

      If you can find valuable Public Domain materials and make them available to the marketplace again you will be providing a good service to your customers. They will be happy to pay you for your efforts.

      The reality is that the reason many of these "good" Public Domain productions became forgotten is because they really didn't offer a lot of value in the first place. This is where resell-rights-strategy-7 comes in.

      Remember, people are willing to pay for good "value". If the original publication didn't offer enough value but the information is still good, you can easily add more value by supplementing the "offer" with resell-rights products .

      Another situation where resell-rights-strategy-7 can be used is when the original Public Domain publication has become obsolete but can be valuable in the light of newer knowledge.

      For example, let's say you find an old, forgotten book on how to grow roses. There is some really good information in it, but there are new ways to grow roses that can also be helpful. So, what you do is take the old, Public Domain book and supplement it with a recently written resell-rights book . Sell the two as a package.

      By putting the two books together you will provide some good, solid, timeless information from the Public Domain book and some current information as well. This is a real service to your customers. They will happily pay you.

      The benefit to you is that you were able to create a brand new product without having to write anything yourself. That's a lot of time saved!

      This technique becomes even more valuable if you don't know anything about that particular field (growing roses, for example) but you know how to reach people that have been craving that information.

      The secret to easy success is in selling only to people who are hungry for your product. All you have to do is show up with the product and you will make sales. You should never be in a position where you have to show people they need the product.

      I know there are many businesses where they take the time to establish the need first. But it is so much easier to just find the people who are actively looking for what you are selling and tell them you have it.

      Resell-rights-strategy-7 is for the people who are interested in picking the "low hanging fruit", instead of straining to climb the tree to get it.

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