How To Raise The Price Of Your Product And Have Your Customers Love You For It!

      Resell-rights-strategy-5 will show you a "magic formula" that will allow you to double or triple the price of your product in a way that makes your customers eager to buy from you.

      No, you won't have to trick people, manipulate them or secretly scam them. Successful business people don't do that. You want your customers to be so happy with you that they buy from you again and again. That's where the money is... "repeat business from happy customers".

      We all know that people like to save money so how is it possible that you can raise the price and you get happier customers? It's simple...

      It's called packaging.

      Customers are not looking for low price as much as they are looking for high value at a low price. If you can increase the value of your product and offer it at a great price you will increase your sales. Simple, right?

      So how do do you do that?

      This is where resell-rights-strategy-5 comes in.

      The copywriting/marketing term for packaging is the "offer". You have to make your offer so appealing that people are falling over each other to pay you.

      There are many ways to improve your offer. They are covered in detail in the copywriting courses on this site. However, for the sake of simplicity there are two methods that never fail.

      The first method for using resell-rights-strategy-5 is to add more items as a bonus to your core product. You can do this easily if you belong to a good resell-rights-membership club. Just take several resell-rights products that relate to your main product and add them in as a bonus.

      Even though your cost for the bonuses will be negligible their perceived value will be huge because you will be using high value products.

      You have to be careful when using this strategy. Think about what your prospect really wants from your core product. Then offer bonuses that make it easier, faster or cheaper to achieve their goal. You have to stay "on topic" or the added bonuses won't do much for you.

      Remember, people want a high value product at a low price. By adding more products to your core offering, you are adding value. Since you are increasing the value of your core offering you will be able to increase the price of the total package.

      However, since your cost is pretty-well the same, you can afford to offer the souped-up package at a tremendous discount. People will love you for it!

      If you have been selling your product at a fair price, the added products will easily increase what people are willing to pay for the package. All you do is include some high value resell-rights products to your offer and give your customers a great deal on it.

      The second method for making your offer irresistible has nothing to do with increasing the tangible value of your product. It is more related to increasing the value in the mind. If you do it right, your sales will jump through the roof!

      This technique is called "scarcity" .

      Scarcity is when you offer your high-value package for a limited amount of time or better yet, offer a limited number of the package.

      When there is a limited supply of a product people give it a higher value and are willing to put aside other purchases in favour of "this" one.

      The best thing is to combine both techniques for increasing value: Use resell-rights products to enhance your limited offer. This is the right way to use resell-rights-strategy-5.

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