How To Easily Provide More Value To Your Customer And Double Your Sales Instantly!

      Resell-rights-strategy-2 is the oldest marketing "secret" that hardly anyone uses. The reason most people don't use it is because it is seen as a lot of extra "unnecessary" work.

      The great thing is that resell-rights products make the work EASY! And as far as unnecessary goes...well, would you consider an extra 50% to 100% extra profits "unnecessary"?

      The idea behind resell-rights-strategy-2 is that when someone makes a purchase and they are about to make a payment, if you offer them a great deal on a related product, a large number of people will take you up on it. You can make an extra sale instantly without any extra effort.

      What I have seen work VERY well is if you offer something that makes it easier, faster or more profitable to get the benefits of the core product that they are buying, you will make a lot of sales.

      Another key to a successful additional sale is to make it a real deal in terms of price. So, you still need to focus on the core benefit promised in the initial sales letter but the additional product should enable people to get even more benefit. This is a "magic formula" that pays off handsomely.

      Now, normally you would have to create a whole new product or a joint venture with someone to be able to offer an additional product at the time of the sale. But with resell-rights you have an instant product with a great sales letter ready to go... without any real "extra effort" on your part.

      Again, in order for you to really be successful in using resell-rights-strategy-2 you absolutely MUST deal in good quality resell-rights products . Anything you offer (ever) MUST have a real market value and you MUST give them a good deal on it.

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