How To Use Pleasure
In Copywriting For The Internet

      I've selected a really cool example of a website that uses pleasure to motivate its visitors.

      You'll notice that there really isn't a lot of convincing going on, in terms of words. All they have is a sexy looking woman using their product, a few pictures that only the target market would understand and links they can click on for more information on individual products.

      The lesson to be learned here is that pleasure is a personal thing. What one person finds as pleasureable, another may not.

      The whole site is dedicated to people who know about their products. They are not trying to drum up new, informed customers. This is called picking the "low hanging fruit".

      Successful copywriting for internet marketing involves knowing your customers intimately. The site owners say their site converts 25% of its visitors. Professional copywriters say that if a site converts 1% of its visitors it is a very good site. At a 25% conversion rate this site is doing miracles!

      Create an atmosphere on your website so your prospects feel that they will feel good by using your products and you will sell, sell, sell!

      Again... know your clientele. Know what turns them on. Make sure that whatever emotion you choose to "work" on the page is the most powerful emotion related to your product...that your clientele is looking for.

      You need to get good at figuring out what kind of pleasure your clientele experiences when they use your product. Then you need to use words and pictures to have them imagine they are using your product. At the end of this when they realize they can't really get the pleasure you have been having them experience without buying your product, they will buy.

      Be careful not to have conflicting motivators on the same page. Every element of the page should be dedicated to generating the emotion you KNOW will move your prospect to buy.

      Use familiar words that your clients would use. Illustrate scenes that your clients have been involved in. Make it easy for them to find the exact thing that will give them so much pleasure they can't stand it unless they buy your product.

      The website I have used as an example of successfully using this technique does all of this very subtly. They don't use a lot of words. They are in tune with their market. They know what their customer wants and have highlighted it clearly.

      Check out the site by clicking the banner below. Learn from success. See what it takes to get a 25% conversion rate. My guess is that the only people who see this site are specifically looking for what they sell, that's why the conversion rate is so high... But that's just good marketing.
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