How To Use Money
To MOVE People Powerfully

      Money! People will do just about anything for the sake of money. As a copywriter, this is one of the most profitable emotional motivators in your arsenal if you use it properly. Here's an example of a sales letter that uses this motivator masterfully.

      There are two kinds of people in relation to money from the point of view of copywriting-for-Internet-marketing: Those who don't have money and want it and those who have money and want more. In this article I will focus on using money to motivate those who don't have money.

      Other aspects of money, like saving money, saving taxes etc. will be covered under a different topic in the "Emotional Motivators" course.

      Those who don't have money are the toughest to motivate using money. These people are cynical and suspicious of anything or anyone who claims to have information that could help them. People who don't have money are so used to not having it that they can't even imagine another situation.

      But they want money, they need money and will even turn to crime to get it. As a copywriter, your biggest challenge is to develop a trust with your audience.

      Using Joe Vitale's hypnotic writing strategies you need to keep them in their "trance" as you gently guide them to a new vision of their life.       Start by talking about "how tough it is to make money". Your audience is already in that frame of mind, so you need to first get in-sync with them. Tell them a story of how bad things are.

      Next, talk about how one person found a way out of the problems and became rich. Those who don't have money are always interested in learning how millionaires became rich.

      As a third step, go back to relating to them with a story about how the person who will show them how to make money was in the same situation as your audience. Talk about how he/she now wants to help others like him/her.

      After this start talking about how "easy" it is to be successful. These people don't have a lot of self confidence so what you present has to seem so easy that they could almost do it in their sleep.

      Use examples of others who became successful using your product. But always project low numbers. Show how the person offering the knowledge made millions and how others that followed him/her made more "believeable" numbers.

      Even if you have the best offer in the world, don't start jumping up and down and get all excited about your offer right off the bat. This will be too shocking for them. Start by showing examples of people who achieved small gains. This will be believeable for them and they will continue reading...

      If your program has the ability to make millions, show them examples of people who made hundreds of dollars. When they find out that they can actually make a lot more money than they expected, it will be a pleasant surprise.

      Here is a really good example of how to use money as an emotional motivator .  This is one sales letter I would encourage you to write out, by hand, over and over again. The copywriter has masterfully applied several emotional motivators powerfully. Definitely one for your swipe file!

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