How To Make More Money
With Master-Resell-Rights

      If you can get the master-resell-rights to a "good" resell-rights product you hold the key to amazing profits!

      A good resell-rights product will give you the ability to EASILY make sales because you are marketing to a proven "hungry crowd". (That's the definition of a good resale rights product so if your product isn't like that go and find a good one right away instead of wasting your time on the one you have.)

      So, what could be better than a product that is designed to fly off the shelves?

      How about if all your customers paid you extra money to be able to sell the product themselves? Getting paid twice for the same product sounds like fun!

      There are two ways to do this with master-resell-rights :

      master-resell-rights allow you to transfer resell-rights so you can license others to sell the same product. You can offer resell-rights to your customers immediately after they have made the purchase as an upsell. This approach will work very well if you have a good sales letter targeted to people who are interested in business opportunities.

      The second approach is to send your customers a series of emails that show them how helpful the information/software is to real people. You can offer them resell rights through email so your customers can profit from it also.

      Of course, all your customers won't want to be in the business of selling your product, but having master-resell-rights to a product certainly gives you an extra income stream that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

      You might think that it is a bad idea to have more people selling the same product that is doing so well for you but the reality is that most people never get around to doing anything with their resell rights.

      If you are not convinced about the idea of giving others resell-rights to your product, there is still another way to profit:

      What you can do is to sell resell rights and you host the download center where everyone gets access to the product. This makes it really easy for reseller because they don't need to bother with establishing their own download center.

      When your resell-rights owners sell your product, the customer will need to register with you to gain access. This means that your sub-licensed resellers all contribute to growing your email-marketing list.

      When people register to claim the product you can mention that they will be receiving your e-newsletter. You can promote other resell-rights products or even affiliate programs to YOUR list that others have worked hard to create. This will more than compensate for the so-called lost sales that your resellers are making that you missed out on.

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