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      The desire to make-more-money is even more powerful than the desire to have money when you don't have it. This is because the people who want to make-more-money already have money and they are confident that they can get even more. The element of self confidence makes these people more likely to take action than the self-doubting people who are broke.

      The example sales letter I am using to show how this works is by Rich Schefren. Rich is the guru of gurus. Some of the top producing multi-millionaires in the Internet marketing arena have gone through Rich's training. This sales letter is definitely a good one for your swipe file. There are lots of good elements that you can use in your own sales letters.

      In contrast to the approach taken when marketing to people who don't have much money, in this sales letter, Rich pulls no punches. He freely quotes revenue figures in the hundreds of millions and billions in terms of potential.

      The people reading this salesletter already have money, however they are unlikely to have big money like he says he has delivered for his clients. These numbers are believeable because the people teaching in his course are well-known successful marketers.

      Notice the "hook" Rich uses to get the interest of his prospects. He promises what every entrepreneur wants like:

"Work less and produce more …"

"Make work faster, easier and fun again …"

"Free up more time for your family and friends …"

      Notice that he doesn't mention anything about the offer in the beginning. He promises key benefits that will keep his prospects glued to the salesletter.

      Rich understands that every entrepreneur is very busy and wishes he/she had more time for fun and family. Every entrepreneur is always running out of time and wishes there were more hours in his working day.

      Immediately after making these promises he introduces seven ways his program helps people read faster. Anyone can easily see that if they could do what the things he teaches they would become more productive.

      The bullets he uses to highlight what the course delivers serve two purposes: They promise key benefits that the prospect knows he needs while building confidence that anyone can easily do it. By taking this approach Rich is fanning the flames of the desire for success while building the belief that the buyer can actually do what is promised.

      Traditionally, advertisers talk about the AIDA formula for copywriting.

A - is for capturing the prospect's Attention.

I - is for capturing the prospect's Interest.

D - is for developing the prospect's Desire to buy.

A - is for inspiring Action.

      However, nobody talks about developing the prospect's self-esteem so they are willing to believe that they can actually do what is promised. This added element that Rich uses makes his product more "buyable".

      That's all I'll cover for now. There are so many things to learn from this sales letter that I will write several articles analyzing it... stay tuned! If you want to learn to make-more-money , check out Rich's program. The copywriting is honest and compelling.

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