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      Landing-page-tracking is the only sure path to profits.

      Internet marketing is the easiest way that has ever been invented for a person to make money quickly and inexpensively. Why is it that most people can't crack the code to making it pay?

      Of all the marketing methods, including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and direct response marketing, Internet marketing provides the least expensive way to get your advertising out. With as little as $10 and little or no knowledge about setting up a website you can potentially have thousands of people viewing your advertising message.

      Despite this reality, why is it that people spend thousands of dollars promoting on the Internet and ultimately conclude that "Internet marketing doesn't work"?

      Yes, there are many things that go into a successful campaign, but the basic reason is that people don't know what is producing a profit and what is not. They are not doing any landing-page-tracking.

      If they were doing proper landing-page-tracking they would know if their advertising message was connecting with their targeted audience. They would know if they are using the right copywriting techniques or not. And if they really take care to set up the landing-page-tracking properly they would even know which key words, search engines and referring websites produce the most PROFIT!

      It's not enough to "get the word out". It's not enough to get "brand recognition". These things are important but they don't pay the bills.

      You need to make a PROFIT to stay in business.

      Proper landing-page-tracking will show you EXACTLY what copywriting approach produces the most profit. You need to know if your advertising message is reaching the people who are interested in BUYING your product, not people who are just curious about it.

      Your landing-page-tracking will reveal to you which keywords to use when advertising on Google Adwords or other PPC media. People who search using certain keywords are buyers while others may not be at the buying stage yet. If you knew which keyword your buyers are using to search out your product do you think you could adjust your copywriting to make your offer more attractive to them? Of course you could.

      In order to implement landing-page-tracking all you need to do is add a simple code to your landing page or sales letter. The software backing the code will do the rest. Once you have the information, you'll know exactly what to do to make a profit instead of spinning your wheels and wasting your money.

      You can get more information on Landing-Page-Tracking here. You'll get detailed videos and the software to make sure you are doing exactly the right things to make your copywriting-for-Internet-marketing profitable.

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