This Landing-Page-Mistake
Will Wipe Out Your Sales...

Even If You Do Everything Else Right!

      Want to know the biggest landing-page-mistake both beginners and pros can make? Want to avoid getting a big fat "zero" for sales?

      It's easy to forget the basics if you are a pro. If you are just a newbie you may not realize you are making a common mistake.

      Have you ever seen an ad where it says something like "We've been in business for 25 years" or "For authoritative advice call..."?

      When a person types in her search terms into the search engine do you think that is what she had in mind? Do you think you would gain the interest of the reader if you did know what she had on her mind and started talking about it?

      The biggest landing-page-mistake is not talking about what your reader has on her mind when they arrive at your page.

      You have to get in tune with your reader. You need to talk about what interests your prospect.

      Rather than trying to impress your prospect with a general statement about how great you are or your company is, consider talking about the problem that brought your prospect to your landing page. Let them know you understand their concerns.

      Each key word represents a specific problem that your reader wants to solve. They are in a certain mindset that they may or may not be able to express clearly in their key word search. Not acknowledging it is a major landing-page-mistake.

      Figure out what they have on their mind and orient your landing-page-domain-name , landing-page-file-name , landing-page-headline , landing-page-incentive and body copy to address that subject.

      Answer the question your reader has on his mind and that he communicates to you via his search terms. This is how to avoid the biggest landing-page-mistake.

      It sounds simple enough but every time you find you are not getting as many sales as you would like, I bet you will find that you stopped talking about what the reader wanted to hear.

      Focus on the reader. Get a deep understanding of the psychological state she is in when she types out a key word.

      After the headline that uses the key word, start off your first sentence with the key word in it. Continue talking about it until you have them deep into your copy.

      Form some sort of association with the subject in their mind and relate it to what you want to talk about. This is your transition from simply talking about the problem to offering a solution.

      Eventually, you can start talking about yourself and your expertise, but you first have to hook them by connecting directly with what they have been thinking about, which led them to the key words they typed into the search engine and arrived at your landing page.

      If you take this gradual approach, you will gain the respect and trust of your potential buyer. Getting thsee things are the most dificult part of a sales letter.

      Once you have their respect and trust you will make a lot of money by recommending products and services they can buy through you or your affiliate link.

      You can learn more about this landing-page-mistake and other mistakes that can cost you big on your landing page in Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing course.

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