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You Need To Work
To Maximize Sales

      Your landing-page-major-benefit is the defining element of your landing-page-goal, your landing-page-domain-name, your landing-page-file-name and your landing-page-headline.

      The only reason your visitor goes to your landing page is because they want something. As a copywriter, you need to be very clear on this.

      If you can provide what your potential customer wants you will get sales. It's really that simple.

      There really are no tricks to learn in copywriting for Internet marketing. All there is to learn is being able to communicate clearly and effectively with your prospect.

      Before you write a single word, you need to research your target audience. You need to know the SINGLE most important driving force in the mind and heart of your prospect that motivates them to take action.

      If you can find out what the "missing" is in their life that is moving them to go online and do a search, you have the secret to making a lot of sales. Take care to really understand the conscious and unconscious motivators.

      Each keyword that a person types into the search engine represents a separate "major" motivation. Typically there are several motivators involved with any given product but there is only one "major" motivation.

      The way the human mind works is that it is incapable of taking action if it is thinking about several different things. At any given point there would be one and only one motivator that "takes them over the top" and gets them to act.

      This leads them to come up with a keyword that represents their thinking. Take care to note the psychological aspect of the keyword your prospect is typing into the search engine. It is the key to unlocking the landing-page-major-benefit.

      A landing-page-major-benefit is that key thought that finally motivated your prospect to go to the Internet and do a search in the search engine. Catch the spirit of that word. Understand what it implies in the life of your prospect.

      Once you have a handle on exactly what your prospect is looking for when they type in that keyword, use that word as often as you can on your landing page.

      It defines your landing-page-major-benefit. Base your landing-page-domain-name on the keyword of your landing-page major benefit. Use the same keyword in your landing-page-file-name and your landing-page-headline. Also use it throughout your sales copy, in your audio, video and as a caption in any pictures or illustrations you may use.

The key word your prospect has typed in came about as a result of them thinking deeply about what they want. Listen intently to what your prospective client is trying to tell you about what they want.

Once you know what they want, show them that you have it by saying that you have it directly. Tell them a story that helps them understand that yes, you understand them and can provide a solution to their problem.

Use testimonials, bullet points, action-demonstration video and anything else you can think of that will directly address the need expressed in the keyword.

Work the landing-page-major-benefit by stating and restating it in different ways. Keep at it until your prospect believes you. Keep working it until she starts to get really excited about the idea of satisfying her desire by buying your product.

Your landing-page-major-benefit is the secret to unlocking major profits. Create a separate landing page for every keyword group. Each keyword group would have its own landing-page-major-benefit. It would also have appropriate sales copy designed to communicate that benefit.

Dr. Joe Vitale has explains this in vivid detail in his Hypnotic Marketing course. check it out to learn more about how to use the landing-page-major-benefit to your maximum advantage.

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