How To Produce Sales
With The Links
On Your Landing Page

      Landing-page-links are the gateway to profits in your sales letter. This is where good copywriting pays off.

      Good copywriting focuses a reader's attention on the subject at hand and produces a desire to buy. Many copywriters forget this basic point in the design of their web page.

      Have you seen a landing page with several links going to different places on the website or even to other people's websites? Do you think that helps your reader focus on the subject at hand? No, it doesn't.

      There should be a landing-page-flow that takes your reader from the headline right down to clicking the order link like a slippery slide. Nothing should get in the way of the smoothness of that flow.

      You can take time out to present an audio or video in the middle of your copy. But this is not an interruption if it intensifies the desire to buy.       As soon as the reader gets distracted, they are will go on to another thought process and you won't get the sale. There should be a step-by-step progression to engage the reader's interest and bring them deeper an deeper into the conversation.

      With this in mind, there is no room for links to other pages, even if they are related and can be used as a reference to add credibility. Keep your prospect reading what you have on that page until they buy.

      Joe Sugarman, author of the Adweek Copywriting Handbook, says the only reason for the headline, graphics, captions and photos is to get the prospect to read the sales letter.

      If you absolutely must have links on your page, at least let it be an affiliate link. But you will have much more success in generating sales if you simply focus all your links toward the order page.

      Landing-page-links,other than to the order link are a no-no. Say whatever you need to say right on the landing page.

      Your landing page is different from your website. Your website can have lots of links to various pages. However, when you funnel your website traffic to your landing page, its time to do business. Landing-page-links should only be for the purpose of closing the sale.

      All the pre-selling should have been taken care of before they get to the landing page. Pre-selling can be through the proper selection of key words in a Google Adwords campaign or articles on your website.

      Focusing your prospect's attention and building desire is the fine art of copywriting. Joe Vitale has covered the topic of copywriting brilliantly in his Hypnotic Marketing course. It is highly recommended for beginner or even advanced copywriters. The depth and breadth of this man's knowledge is remarkable. You can learn more about landing-page-links from his course also.

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