How To Use The Right
To Triple The Sign-Ups
To Your Mailing List

      Your landing-page-incentive is the hook you need to capture your visitor's imagination. If you do this right people will be falling over each other to sign up for your list.

      The secret to getting people to sign up for you list or buy anything is to convince them that you have the thing that will solve their problem. A landing-page-incentive is a free gift you offer to encourage people to take action.

      However, "free" is not powerful enough as an incentive. The gift you offer must be something they want.

      If you are offering somethign that your prospects would be happy to pay for and you are not charging for it, your sign-up rate will go through the roof.

      Making your gift as valuable as possible helps a lot but it is not enough to triple your opt-in rate.       If you really want to see your opt-in rate go crazy your gift needs to be in line with the landing-page-concept , landing-page-domain-name , and landing-page-headline .

      If you are giving away free information as a landing-page-incentive, make the title of your free report or ebook the same as the headline of your landing-page. Make sure your ebook addresses the issues you bring up on your landing page.

      When a person does a search in a search engine they have a problem in mind that they want to solve. The key words you bid on in your PPC campaign reflect your prospect's desire.

      You need to use the specific key word that your prospect is searching for in the headline of your landing-page and in the title of your free report, which is your landing-page-incentive.

      If your prospect feels you will answer some or all of the problems they are trying to get answers for at no charge, they will eagerly sign up for your list.

      This is called a message-to-market-match. Joe Vitale discusses this idea in many different ways in his Hypnotic Marketing course. Check out his course for more information on how to use a landing-page-incentive and other powerful copywriting strategies for internet marketing.

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