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      A landing-page-identity is your "human" touch.

      People are so nosy! It's not enough that you provide a great product on your landing page. They need to see a good landing-page-identity before they really feel comfortable buying from you.

      You may have a great offer on your page. You may have the most exiting copywriting. You may even have the best price in the market. But you will lose thousands of dollars worth of sales if you don't have the right landing-page-identity.

      What is a landing-page-identity?

      Believe it or not, it is you. People want to know who they are dealing with. They will feel a lot more comfortable buying from you if they know what you look like, what your name is and where you are located in terms of your business address.

      So, if you want your landing page to really bring in the sales, give it an identity. Make yourself look approachable in your picture. Say a little bit about yourself in your copywriting. Put your physical mailing address at the bottom of the sales letter. If possible, even have a phone number where you can be contacted.

      The late, great, Gary Halbert said that you should test to see what happens if you completely take out the online ordering option and just have a phone-in system for taking orders.

      People want to deal with human beings, just like themselves. If you look friendly and approachable and it seems like they could contact you for any questions with your product, they will be more comfortable dealing with you.

      You may have some concerns about your security when you are displaying your address and phone number online. Especially if you operate your business from home.

      I suppose that is a risk, but in real life if someone really wanted to track you down, they would find a way.

      On the other hand, the benefits of being a known business person are huge. The more your name and face is out there, the easier it gets to do business. People will buy from you because you "look familiar". Others will be willing to do joint ventures with you because they have a good "impression" of you.

      In addition to a good quality photo and business address, you also need to have your signature at the bottom of the sales letter. Don't use the signature you use at the bank, just make one up for marketing purposes.

      Your landing-page-identity is much stronger when people see a "handwritten" signature on the landing page. It gives the feeling that they are dealing with a real, flesh and blood human as opposed to an impersonal corporation.

      Your landing-page-identity goes far beyond the immediate sale that it will help to get. It establishes you as a legitimate business entity. That is well worth creating.

      For more information on building a unique landing-page-identity for doing business check out Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Hypnotic Marketing course.

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