Your Doorway To A
High Converting Sales Page

      Your landing-page-headline is the secret to a high converting sales letter.

      This is true only if you have been following the steps of getting the right landing-page-concept, landing-page-domain-name, and landing-page-file-name.

      The way people find your landing-page is by doing a search in a search engine for a specific key word. If everything up to the landing page is in tune with what they have in their mind you will be able to keep them in their "trance".

      Dr. Joe Vitale discusses how people are always in some kind of a trance unless you do something to snap them out of it. In his course Hypnotic Marketing, he shows how to manage your copywriting so you lead your prospect to a sale while keeping them in their trance.

      Keeping people in a trance is the same as being in tune with their thinking. If your prospect's opinions and your opinions are the same they will be more open to the suggestions you make. This is just because they will feel like you are in agreement with them so far and they unconsciously expect the mutual agreement to continue.

      When your landing-page-headline is in tune with the key word they did a search on, you demonstrate that you know what they want and that you can help them.

      The key word you are bidding on in your PPC ad must be in your landing-page-headline. That's the key word they searched for so it is important for them to see it as the first thing on the landing page. This is how your prospect confirms that they are on a page that may be able to help them.

      In addition to having the key word in the landing-page-headline you need to start the process of building up the excitement by using the landing-page-concept, right in the headline.

      You need to make a big promise that keeps them glued to the page so they keep reading. The promise MUST play on the FEELINGS attached to the landing-page-key-word.

      People buy on emotion. They justify their excitement about your offer by looking to the features of your product.

      The job of the landing-page-headline is to set the stage for the excitement you will build up throughout your landing page.

      To learn several ways to build up excitement while keeping your buyer in a buying "trance" (mood), go to Joe Vitale's course on Hypnotic Marketing.

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