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      Landing-page-graphics can either make you or break you. You need to get this right.

      Of all the elements on a landing page, landing-page-graphics have the greatest potential to distract your reader. Any distraction will cost you sales.

      Joe Sugarman, in his book "The Adweek Copywriting Handbook" says that all graphics on a sales page should bring people back into reading the copy. Good copywriting will make sales...if your site visitor gets around to reading it.

      There are two strategies that help tremendously in focusing people's attention back into the copy. One is a visual technique, the other is a psychological technique. Use both if you can.       Every good sales letter needs to "bring to life" the benefits of using the product. This can be done by giving examples and telling stories, with words. However, if the examples and stories are illustrated in a graphic as well as words, you reader will be sucked into Joe Sugarman's "slippery slide" with no chance of escape.

      Your graphics should tell an incomplete story about the benefits of your product so the reader looks to the copy for a more detailed explanation. The goal is to get your prospect to read your sales message.

      No sale can ever be closed simply by showing pictures. The picture can capture the attention and arouse interest and desire by invoking curiosity. Words need to capitalize on this by building up the desire and closing the sale.

      As a part of process of closing the sale the second use of landing-page-graphics comes in handy:

      There are some commonly known landing-page-graphics that say "this vendor is trustworthy" to a consumer. Getting the reader to trust you is one of the key parts of a sales letter. You can use "trusted graphics" to trigger an unconscious psychological understanding in your prospect's mind that "whoever uses this must be trustworthy".

      Graphics for the "Better Business Bureau (BBB)" are well recognized in many countries. The "Verisign" graphic is known to represent a secure payment system. Official looking graphics for Visa, Mastercard and American Express are very trusted by consumers.

      You'll need to pay the Better Business Bureau and Verisign to be able to use their graphics. If you have a shopping cart that accepts credit cards it's o.k. to use the Visa, American Express and Master Card logos.

      You can use any certification logos or logos of companies that do consumer product reviews. If you have been featured in online or offline magazines, you can use their logos as well.

      There are many more ways to use landing-page-graphics to increase your sales. Joe Vitale discusses graphics in great detail in his Hypnotic Marketing course. This is such a comprehensive course that I consider it a "must have" for anyone serious about copywriting and Internet marketing.

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