Your Landing-Page-Goal
Is The Secret
To Powerful Copywriting

      If you can get clear on what your landing-page-goal is, you will avoid most of the mistakes that that can lose money for you.

      The landing-page-goal is directly related to landing-page-tracking . Landing-page-tracking allows you to eliminate unprofitable elements from your landing page and support the profitable ones. However, if you are not clear on exactly what to track and test, the results you get from landing-page-tracking won't mean much. And because of that, you are likely to make expensive mistakes.

      I'd like you to think very carefully and deeply about this. What action do you really want your website visitor to take?

      You could say that you want your prospect to buy something. If this is your goal then you would measure the number of people that click on the "buy now" link.

      If landing page goal is to get people to fill out an opt-in form for your mailing list, then that is what you would track.

      You could also measure if people are going in the right direction in the sales process by viewing a video or listening to an audio presentation. In this case, you are not aiming to have people opt-in or buy, you just want them to see your most powerful sales presentation on video.

      Once you have clearly identified your landing-page-goal every element of your sales letter needs to support that one action.

      If you say that you want sales but your sales letter is designed to get people to view your video, that is an unclear landing-page-goal.

      You can have thousands of people view your video but they may not buy anything. On this type of a landing page if you are measuring success in terms of sales, you are likely to be very disappointed.

      If it is sales you want, then all elements of your page need to be focused on sales. There should not be anything that distracts your reader from being pulled directly down to the order link.

      Even the video you have on your site needs to be incomplete enough that people keep reading further on their journey to the order link.

      The graphics should have captions that lead to the order link. The testimonials should fit right in with what you want to say at that stage in the sales letter. There should certainly not be links that take a person away from your page.

      Once you are clear on your landing-page-goal you will have a touch-stone that will tell you when you are going off course. As soon as you lose focus on your landing-page-goal your prospect will get confused and either leave or will need to "think about it". Both of these lead to no sale in most cases.

      For more information on establishing a landing-page-goal , supporting it and measuring its success check our Dr. Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Course.

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