Create An
Irresistible Desire To Buy

      Creating a landing-page-flow that builds an irresistible desire to buy is one of the two main secrets to a high converting landing page.

      Have you ever read a sales page then walked away from it without buying but the desire to buy kept knawing at you until you went back and bought? That's powerful copywriting in terms of building a desire.

      You may not have bought right away, but many people who read the same letter will buy on the spot.

      Everyone is skeptical at first when they start reading a sales letter. In fact, nobody actually wants to read a sales letter but they keep reading because something pulls them in and keeps them going. That's your landing-page-flow.

      What is it that keeps a reader's interest even though they may have a hundred things to do at that moment?       Joseph Sugarman, author of "The Adweek Copywriting Handbook" and other classic must reads for any copywriter says that you need to create a "slippery slide". Build your landing-page-flow in such a way that visitors are led down a straight line in the direction that benefits them most (and makes you money).

      He explains two methods of doing this: The first is to hook the reader by promising a key benefit that your reader can't live without (emotionally speaking). This is the reason she typed in the key words in the search engine in the first place.

      If the product you are selling isn't based on a powerful desire that your customer "can't live without", get another product to sell because this one will never make you a lot of money.

      There has to be a powerful emotional motivator behind the desire to have your product in order to create an irresistible landing-page-flow with the potential to make you rich.

      The way to create a slippery slide is to link a series of key benefits one after another until the desire to buy is so strong that it takes them out of their skeptical mindset and compels them to take action.

      The second method Joe Sugarman talks about is to attract their attention with a story related to popular current events and relate that to your product. Even if the connection is weak, he has had a lot of success in keeping the reader long enough to convey the product benefits.

      The longer you can keep your website visitor reading the more chances you have of getting the sale.

      Joe Sugarman is a legendary copywriter in the print media where any ad he creates competes for attention with all the other advertising in the environment. In copywriting for Internet marketing that problem is eliminated because your prospect is actively looking for what you are selling.

      When yoru prospect arrives at your landing page there are no other competing influences. They are there to consider what you have to say.

      This is a golden opportunity to create a landing-page-flow that immediately grabs their attention with either a key benefit or a story and keep them going until they get to the order link.

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