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To Attract Interested Buyers

      A landing-page-file-name is second only to the Adwords/PPC ad headline in its power to attract qualified, warm, willing to buy customers.

      Internet surfers are quite sophisticated these days. They have enough experience with search engines to know that they often get results that are not related to what they are searching for. Everyone's time is precious to them so they pick and choose which link they will click on.

      In addition to reading the description in the search results people will also check the landing-page-file-name before they decide to click on a link. They want to minimize the chance of wasting their time on a useless page.

      When you are paying for an ad in Google Adwords or other PPC search engine, you don't want people to click on your ad if they aren't going to buy from you. So, in addition to the headline and description, be as clear as possible what your visitor will see when they get to the landing page by using your landing-page-file-name. Use the landing-page-file-name as another descriptor in your ad.       People will first read your headline. If they are interested, they will read your description. Traditionally, this is where copywriting stopped and the technical department took over. However, as a copywriter your job is to maximize the sales value of everything your reader will see.

      In tradititional, print advertising the last part of a classified ad was dedicated to the address and phone number. It is difficult to make that into an opportunity to promote your product. However, in copywriting for Internet marketing you can simply change the landing-page-file-name to your liking and have the link go to whatever page you want.

      The way to do this is by using "redirect pages". A redirect page uses a pseudo file name in the link. When someone clicks on it they are taken to the real page.

      For more information on how to profit from landing pages you can go to: Landing-Page-File-Name

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