Can Your Customer FEEL That You REALLY Understand Her?

      Landing-page-example1 is a great illustration of how to make a heart-to-heart connection with your customer.

      If you are going to be successful at selling anything you need to be able to really understand what your customer wants at the level of the heart. An intellectual understanding isn't good enough. You have to really feel the feeling of your prospect.

      The reason for this is that people make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic. If you understand what the customer wants intellectually, that is good, but you will make more sales if you can "catch the feeling" and reflect it back to your customer.

      In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) jargon this is called "rapport". You establish "rapport" with a customer when you speak like they do, act like they do and think like they do.

      You get a deeper level of "rapport" when you "feel" like they do. A customer can sense it. There are no obvious signs, but they "know" when you are in tune with their feelings.

      If the customer feels that you are "just like her" she will open up to you. She will feel like she can confide in you. She will trust you and will be willing to go along with your recommendations.

      That is the position you want to be in when you are selling anything. Copywriting is "salesmanship in print", as Claude Hopkins used to say.

      The landing page below is speaking to women on a personal, romantic subject so many of the emphasis points are written in bold, purple-pink colour. I think the purple is there because pink by itself wouldn't show up very well on the sales letter.

      Notice the powerful benefits offered in the headline:

  • Offering "instant" results
  • "Make A Man Want To Get Close"
  • "And Stay Close To You"
  • "Forever"
  •       Every woman wants these things but when the feeling is expressed by another woman, as shown in the picture, there is an instant bond. The whole feeling in the headline and on the landing page is one of being honestly open and sharing feelings with another woman in a one-to-one, personal conversation. That's good copywriting!

          As you read through the page you'll see that every bullet point is talking about a shared experience. The key emotional points are bolded in purple-pink.

          Each time a woman reads a line there is a deeper and deeper connection with the writer. Each line is establishing a deeper and deeper trust relationship with the customer.

          On the next page, after landing-page-example1, the copywriter continues the theme of relating to the customer and adds points of credibility to clearly establish that they can be helpful. If the product actually delivers what they are promising they will have a customer for life!

          Here is the complete letter for you to read and learn from. (If the copy of the ad doesn't show the colours or illustrations properly please click on this link: landing-page-example1 ):

    Have The Relationship You Want - Bring a Man Close

    "You're About To Learn
    How To Instantly Make A Man Want To Get Close And Stay Close To You Forever..."

    What If, no matter what your love life is like now - even if there's no man at all, or the man you have is pulling away and you feel alone, scared and angry - you could change everything, practically overnight?

    I'm Rori Raye - and I did it myself. I turned my own falling-apart relationship into a now glorious, decades-long marriage.

    If I did it, and my clients are doing it - YOU CAN DO IT!

    To get your 5 FREE Heart Connection Tools...

    Inside You'll Learn:
    • How to fix your relationship practically overnight - no matter how afraid of intimacy you are or he is, or what the relationship is like right now
    • What to do if your man is stalling or pulling away from you
    • How to avoid the mistakes most women make that push men away
    • What a man really wants from a woman
    • How to express your feelings in words and body language that will draw any man to you like a magnet, and make him ask you for a commitment
    • How to raise your self-esteem and feel so much better about yourself so fast that he'll do anything to get close to you
    • How to speak so he can hear and listen so he'll talk

    Meet me inside!

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