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      Your landing-page-conversation is the secret to unbelieveable conversion rates on your landing page sales letter. This is the secret of copywriting that you can only do with Internet marketing and no other medium can compete with it.

      When a person does a keyword search on any search engine, they are in a "trance", according to Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Marketing and many other marketing books.

      The first lesson Robert Collier teaches in his book "The Robert Collier Letter Book" is that your ad needs to be in the same mental conversation as the reader at the time she starts reading your ad.

      If your landing-page-conversation is the same as the conversation in your reader's mind, they will stay in their "trance". Now, all you need to do is to continue the copywriting in your sales letter so that the "trance" is not broken.

      It may sound like a difficult thing but it really isn't. Before you start writing your landing page or sales letter you need to understand who you are writing to. You need to know their needs and wants. This is the key to understanding what your prospect is looking for in your product when they come to your landing page.

      Once you know what your prospect is looking for, and you can provide it, making a sale is as simple as telling them that you've got what they want.

      The secret to keeping your reader in a "trance" until they buy is to simply give them what they are looking for. This is what the landing-page-conversation is all about.

      Know what your prospect is looking for when they type in a certain key word and you will know what to say to keep them interested. If your landing-page-conversation is relevant to what they want, they will buy what you are selling. If you landing-page-conversation is not in tune with what your reader wants, you don't stand a chance of selling anything.       The way to make sure your landing-page-conversation is in tune with the conversation in your prospect's mind is to base your copywriting around the key word. Each key word represents a selling point. Make sure you have a different landing page for each key word or key word group.

      The way to do this in practice is to load up your landing page with all the benefits your product offers. Then, all you do is put the section related to a particular keyword at the beginning of the sales letter. The rest of it will be the same on every sales letter in that group.

      For more information on landing-page-conversation listen to the audio in this course.

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