3 Poweful Keys To
Help You Make Money

      Use your landing-page-concept to create really useful landing pages. If the information on your landing page is useful, you stand a chance at getting a sale.

      If you waste your reader's time with un-related information you will lose your website visitor forever.

  • Give them the information they want as quickly as possible.
  •       When you are doing copywriting for internet marketing you have to be in the mindset of writing a "Yellow-Pages" ad. When people type in specific key words to describe what they are looking for, they are in the mood to take action if only they can find the answer to their problem.

          When you have a prospect looking for a specific answer to a problem, give her what she wants quickly so she doesn't click off the page. You have a maximum of three seconds to communicate your landing-page-concept before the Internet surfer's ADD kicks in and she leaves your page.

  • Help them as much as you can
  •       Once you have given them hope that you will provide the answer to their problem, give them some solid, useful information...quickly! Getting the attention is 80% of the job, but once you have it, you need to keep it by confirming that you actually do have the answer they want.

          Don't use a picture at this point. Write something that will confirm that they should stay and keep reading. Your landing-page-concept is the theme that keeps them on the page.

          After you have pulled them in, you can show them pictures, show a video or let them listen to a streaming audio. This is where you demonstrate what you can do for them.

  • Make it easy for them to buy from you
  •       After you have outlined what you can do for them, telll them exactly what they need to do to buy what you are selling. This is not the time to send them off on a resarch trip by giving them several links to click on.

          Once you have shown them that you have the answer to their problem tell them to "click here" or go to this page for an "instant download", or whatever call to action is appropriate in your copywriting situation.

          Follow the simple sequence of the landing-page-concept by catching their attention, developing their desire and asking for a specific action. If you give them a choice of actions be sure it is no more than two choices. It is best if you simply guide them to click on only one link that will solve the specific problem you are addressing on your landing page.       You can get more detailed information on creating a landing-page-concept in the special reports offered in this package.

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