How To Make Your Product
An Irresistible-Bargain For Your Customers

      Learn how to make your product an irresistible-bargain for your customers and you can write your own cheque when marketing on the Internet.

      It is so easy to shop around for the best price on the Internet that most people will go online before they even consider going to the store. In this situation, you need cutting edge techniques to make sure you get picked over all other competitors.

      The best example I have seen regarding this is in a sales letter by Rich Schefren. The copywriting in this sales letter is so juiced up with emotional motivators that you really have to struggle to not buy what he is selling.

      He sets you up to feel like you are getting an incredible deal right in the headline: "Online Sales Secrets Worth $500 Million To My Clients Every Year: Yours For Only $997!"

      The next step is to build a huge value in the prospect's mind. Here are some examples of the words Rich uses to communicate that the information he is providing is worth a LOT:

  • " them attract millions of leads..."
  • "They leave their competitors choking in their dust..."
  • "They create massive streams of income – tens of millions of dollars and in some cases, hundreds of millions – that flow automatically..."
  • "Right off the bat, you get 20 extravagantly produced video DVDs featuring ten of America’s most legendary business builders – with sessions painstakingly designed..."
  •       Notice the use of words like "millions", "massive", "flow automatically", "extravagantly", "legendary", "painstakingly".

          All of these words evoke an emotional response that subconsciously establishes in the mind that what he is offering is an irresistible-bargain.

          As you read the bullets further down you notice that he refers to things like "photographic memory", "boost your productivity", and "billion dollar mastermind group". These are concepts that are highly valued by the people who come to him for advice.

          Value is a personal thing. What is valuable to one person may be useless for another. In this sales letter Rich uses a combination of emotion-evoking words with benefits that his target audience holds in high esteem.

          As the sales letter continues building the perception that what he is offering is an irresistible-bargain Rich doesn't forget that the goal is to actually close the sale. You'll notice that at the end of every set of emotion-driven benefit statements he asks for the order:

    "Order my complete Business Acceleration Program now for as little as $997 – and claim up to $14,688 in extra business-building bonuses - Get the Business Acceleration Program!"

          In the process of asking for the order he again reinforces the irresistible-bargain he is offering. By the time you are finished reading the sales letter there are dozens of benefits that you would happily pay the asking price for each one.

          When you realize that YOU value each benefit so much, the natural conclusion is that the entire offer is truly an irresistible-bargain.

          Presenting an irresistible-bargain is not a "trick". It is actually a great value to the individual who is looking for that type of thing. When the same sales letter is presented to someone who doesn't care to grow his business in leaps and bounds, there is no "irresistible-bargain."

          Take time to understand what is important to your customers... emotionally speaking. Then show them all the benefits they will have by owning your product. When the value of the benefits is far greater than the cost you will have an irresistible-bargain.

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