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Start An Information Marketing Business

      Information marketing is the ideal work-from-home busness. It's also the most enjoyable type of business as well if you do it the right way.

      In fact, the Internet is all about information marketing. It started off as a place for people to exchange information, initially for free. However, in the past few years the market for paid information has been booming.

      It shouldn't come as a surprise that information sells so well as an online business. People have been selling information in the form of courses, special reports, white papers and books for centuries. The Internet simply offers an easy way to get the word about the specialized knowledge you are offering.

      Even though it is easy to start an information marketing business and it costs next to nothing to get started, there are ways to do it right.

      Rob Toth interviewed 72 of the top information marketing business people in the world. It was a short interview focused on the key areas that need to be adddressed for someone just starting out.

      What actually happened was that these people gave so much valuable information that even experts acknowledge that they got a lot out of listening to the interviews.

      I have summarized a few of them on this site but if you may want to get all of the information marketing interviews.

      You'll find the information marketing interviews I have summarized here .

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