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      Improve-health. This basic human motivator doesn't sound like it would have a lot of emotional appeal, but it sure gets a lot of sales.

      It's a known fact that it is emotion alone that motivates people to buy. The series of articles in this course reveals the top selling emotional motivators.

      The example I am using is a sales letter that continues to break sales records but, frankly, I don't see a lot of emotion being used in it. Really, I don't even see the emotion in "improve-health" unless someone is really sick or disabled.

      When he could easily have used "reduce-weight" or "improve-appearance", the copywriter chooses to use "improve-health" as the primary emotional motivator in the sales letter.

      I went further and explored several other sites that dealt with the "lose-weight" theme. The ones that used emotional appeals other than "improve-health" didn't do as well in terms of sales.

      Next, I experimented with a lot of different ads in Google Adwords. What I found out really surprised me:

      I found that people will buy a program to lose weight in response to advertising oriented to "improve-health" far more often than they will for emotional appeals like "attracting the opposite sex", "self improvement", "getting praise and popularity", "recognition, pride, ego", "improve appearance".

      Would you believe that "improve-health" out pulled sales even compared to "lose weight" when promoting a program to lose weight? It sure did... by a long-shot. Amazing! Astounding!

      I have no explanation for this. However, it is important to keep in mind that the purpose of copywriting is to make sales. Even if we don't understand why people are behaving in a certain way, our job is to use the words and emotional appeals that produce actual sales...NOT inquiries, not awareness... NOT branding.

      I know that the owner of the site has been experimenting with several different sales letters. Sales have really jumped since he started using this one.

      You'll notice that the whole letter is "improve-health" oriented. Why? Obviously because that is what his paying customers wanted to hear. This is very convenient for him because his approach to losing weight is through improving overall health.

      The big lesson here is that a copywriter must base his entire effort on testing, not assumptions. The goal is to make as much PROFIT as possible, not even sales. If what you write creates sales but the advertising expenses are very high, no matter how many sales you generate, it is not as good as a highly PROFITABLE sales letter.

      Take the time to study a highly profitable sales letter that is the result of extensive testing. Despite any theories or ideas you may learn, let testing be your guide. If you have an idea, test it. Always go with the most profitable, even if the idea behind another sales approach "makes so much more sense". Who cares? Are you in business to get sales, or are you in business to understand the psychology behind what works? Go with what works.

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