How To
Use The Desire
For Good Health
To Increase Sales

      The desire to have good health is a powerful motivator in copywriting for Internet marketing. If you use it the wrong way, you will lose credibility. Used correctly, your sales will skyrocket.

      Most everyone has some sort of health problem or aches and pains. Everyone has been sick at one time or another. The desire for good health is a universal motivator.

      However, health is not equally motivational to everyone. The trick to using health to improve sales is to relate it to a existing problems that have been bothering your target audience.

      In order to make it relevant, you need to go into specific personal details that people experience rather than generalize. You can see in the example (using the health emotion) how they start with a general statement to bring the reader into the copy then they quickly spell out details like: "Significantly diminish the appearance of wrinkles". "smooth rough skin", "clear darkening under the eyes."

      One approach would have been to take a global approach and talk about the benefits of "looking young" but this high converting page uses the personal details that bother the individual reader about their health.

      You get more sales if you have a "one-on-one", personal conversation with your reader. Talk about what really matters, the pet peeves, the minor irritations that go beyond the "everyone's like that" approach that many advertisers take.

      Notice that they spell out the health problems they intend to solve right in the beginning, then they offer to solve the problems, then state the problems again.

      Once the problems have been clearly specified they show illustrations using before and after pictures to drive the point home that they really can get amazing results.

      One thing I find interesting is that Claude Hopkins, the legendary copywriter from early in the 20th century, said that before and after comparisons do not produce good results. In this case I think it greatly improves their argument that the product works.

      Normally, when copywriting for Internet marketing you would use written testimonials to gain credibility. In this case, actual pictures of successful clients makes it easy to see the product works.

      Pictures are a powerful emotional motivator, but word-pictures are ten times more motivational. In this case they use both words and pictures to develop a very successful site.

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