How To Use Greed To Break Sales Records

      Greed is a universal motivator that can send sales through the roof. It is the one emotional hook that con artists use most often. If you use its power ethically you will make truck loads of money on the front end as well as the back end.

      The example I have chosen to illustrate how to use greed powerfully broke sales records on Clickbank. The owner made thousands of dollars in a short period of time with the product launch. But even better, he made several thousand more when people liked his product and bought other related products.

      That's good Internet marketing.

      When you go to the site (using greed to sell) you'll notice that they are throwing around a lot of big numbers. They are talking to people who are not even making a living on the Internet but the potential profits they are talking about are well beyond the reach of even professional online marketers.

      This is appealing to greed, plain and simple. Everyone wants to be rich. They dream of it all the time. In this sales letter the reader gets the idea that they can get rich quickly and easily.

      Notice how they use the term "Fellow Helpless Affiliate" so their readers can relate to the writer. Many people have tried their hand at Internet marketing but have failed. The copywriter is showing that there is a "secret" reason why they have been failing. Everyone wants to believe that failure is not their fault.

      After getting on the reader's side and making them feel that there is no reason to feel bad, they offer to share the "secret" with you.
      This is masterful. Read this part in detail. Write it out so you get the flow and logic implanted into your brain. You could use these words, with slight modifications, for any number of products and services.

      Next the copywriter shows you proof that it actually works and fans the flames of your greed some more with "From you to $1,000,000 in twelve short months..."

      But that's not enough yet. You need to know a "reason why" this "secret" will be shared with you, before you trust the offer.

      A personal story is used here to show the author's pain, and eventual success. As a generous soul, the copywriter is willing to "...lead you along the path that I had taken... from painful, stinging losses to seven figure freedom". Who wouldn't want that.

      It is important to realize that in this example of copywriting for Internet marketing the writer is never selling you. He is LEADING you, with authority, to your financial freedom. By the time you are finished reading the sales letter you identify with the writer, believe in him, you've shared the agony and now believe that he can take you to your salvation.

      This sales letter has (according to the owner) averaged over 10% conversion. So it works far better than the 1% that is considered quite successful by the pros.

      Study how to use Greed to improve your sales. Click the image below to go to the sales page:

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