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      If you take the time to learn the greatest-copywriting-skill you will never be short of money, power, friends... anything that has to do with people.

      Since copywriting is "salesmanship in print" according to John E Kennedy, author of the copywriting classic "Reason Why Advertising", the greatest-copywriting-skill is the same as the greatest selling skill.

      Ask any great salesperson: "what is the one thing that will guarantee a sale everytime"? You may get many different ways of saying it, but the one thing they will all have in common is "rapport".

      If you have great rapport with your prospect you will find it easy to sell anything. Without it you may as well go home, because there is very little chance of getting a sale.

      Dan Lok, the "conversion expert", wrote a brilliant article on this subject. He said the greatest-copywriting-skill you can have is is "getting inside your prospects head and talking to them in their language." This is the "how to" of rapport.

      He goes on to say "When you're talking to them about their most pressing problems, their most dire needs, and deepest their language...magic happens."

      The question is, how do you "get inside your prospects head" in a way that you can use the information for copywriting purposes?       In a one-on-one sales situation the salesperson watches the prospect carefully and matches their body language. If the prospect is speaking quickly, the salesperson speaks quickly. If they use a loud voice the salesperson uses the same quality and tone of voice.

      People like people who are like themselves. When a person feels "this salesperson is like me", that's called rapport. When you have rapport, you make sales.

      A top-level salesperson will not only reflect the physical manner of their potential client, they will also match the vocabulary, length of sentences and rhythm of their speech.

      A master salesperson will quickly figure out what kind of lifestyle the other person leads and tell stories that could easily have come from their prospect's life.

      The salesperson is especially tuned in to the emotions of her prospect. She knows the decision will be based on what appeals to her client on an emotional level. Facts and features will be used to justify the emotional decision.

      So, how do you take the technique of a one-on-one salesperson and use it to sell to thousands in a salesletter?

      The only real way to do it is to make it a habit of having one-on-one's with your friends, family and even strangers.

      Dan Lok gives the following technique to help develop the greatest-copywriting-skill:

"Talk to people you know about things they buy."

"Don't interview them because it'll change the way they think."

"Millions of people do this every single day. I to each other about things they buy, want to buy, or recently bought."

"So just engage them about it."

"Pay very close attention to their emotions."

"Are there any specific benefits about a product that elicits strong emotions?"

"Is there anything they hate about a product?"

"Pay attention to "how" they say things. What words do they use?"

      Do this exercise often. Gradually, you will develop an innate sense of how different people think and act when they are involved in a buying situation.

      The greatest-copywriting-skill is really the greatest people skill. If you take time to listen...really listen to people and if you get good at actually hearing what they are saying on an obvious level and on an "unsaid" level, you will have an "uncanny" ability to influence people.

      Not only will the greatest-copywriting-skill make you a great copywriter, you will have money, power and an abundance of friends...just because people will be able to relate to you due to your understanding of people and what's important to them.

      Dan Lok has written about the greatest-copywriting-skill and other copywriting skills in his book "47 Psychological Secrets".

      You can get 6 FREE Psychological Secrets from this book and a FREE Crash Course on Website Conversion via email by filling out information below. Your personal information is secure. If you don't like the course you can unsubscribe instantly with one click on the link at the bottom of any email.


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