How To Pick The
Right One For Your Market

      Different emotional-motivators will work in different niches. If you work the right emotional-motivators for your audience you will make a lot of sales.

      Some would say that "every person is different and they have their own emotional-motivators". "You can't generalize for any group of people." This is partially true.

      While every person may be unique, for marketing purposes, you need to understand the emotional-motivators as they relate to a particular product or service. Every product offers benefits that the user wants. Benefits are based on emotions that have the power to motivate them to buy.

      It is possible to identify which benefits appeal to various groups of people. When you know the benefits a particular group of people is searching for, you can figure out which emotional-motivators are attracting them toward the product.

      For example, I have recently been promoting a course on Conversational Hypnosis through Google Adwords. This is a course that teaches how to hypnotize people in casual, informal situations. (I'll be discussing a lot of the techniques from the course in terms of how they apply to copywriting-for-Internet-marketing, in another section of this site.)

      When I was doing the search for keywords that would apply to this product I came across three distinct groups of people. Each group had their own set of benefits that they were looking for.

      One group was interested in manipulating people for personal gain. When I looked up the types of sales letters offered by people catering to this group, the conversation was clearly oriented toward "covert hypnosis" or "underground hypnosis".

      Another group was interested in coaching or therapy that they could deliver to their clients. When I went to these sites the sales letters did not reflect any intent to manipulate. They were just trying to help people.

      The third group I found wanted to apply conversational hypnosis to sales and marketing situations. Sales letters related to this topic were not oriented toward manipulating people but more toward being an effective communicator.

      When you are copywriting-for-Internet-marketing you need to be thinking in terms of groups of people..."communities". People in each community think and feel like each other. They use the same key words to do their research online.       You need to take time to get to know each group and how they intend to use your product. How you get to know each group is covered in the article about the Greatest-Copywriting-Skill.

      Once you know the language people use to describe their feelings toward your product you can figure out the benefits they are trying to get from it. Each benefit is associated with a set of emotions. Each group will associate a different set of emotions with each benefit.

      Now, at this point you have two options: You can start experimenting with the different emotional-motivators you discover in your research and write a sales letter for each one until you find the one that works the best.

      OR, you can experiment with the list of 52 emotional-motivators that the master copywriters have proven as the most profitable, through extensive (and expensive) testing.

      Copywriting-Course-2 Copywriting-course-2 discusses the most profitable emotional motivators and how to use them.

      If you want a complete course on copywriting by one of the most renowned masters, Joe Vitale has a really good one called Hypnotic Marketing.

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