Most Powerful Way To Get Traffic To A Website – Advanced Backlinking Strategy – Part 1

      If you want to get traffic to a website you have to use an advanced backlinking strategy. Competition is tough online. Commonly known backlinking strategies just aren’t good enough if you are in a profitable niche.

      When you are in a tough niche market, the most important backlinking strategy is to focus on the right keywords. The right keywords will get you sales, not just traffic to a website.

      In case you don’t know about backlinking strategy, it is the main way Google and other search engines determine which website they will send traffic to. You need to have search engine optimized content on your site, and then you need to get other search engine optimized websites to provide a link to your website. This link, from another website to your site is called a backlink. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic you are likely to get from the search engines.

      In order to determine what kind of people to send to your website, search engines look for keywords on the referring site and on your website. If the referring site is focused on the same keywords as your website, search engines will send traffic from that keyword to your website. The more keyword focused backlinks you have, the more traffic you are likely to get from that keyword.

      The way search engines send you traffic is by listing your website on the first page of the search listings. When someone does a search on the keyword you are targeting, do you show up on page one of the results or on page twenty? Obviously, it is better to have your site listed on the first page of search results.

      It is possible to get your site listed on the first page multiple times. Since there are only ten links on any given page, the more links you can get for your site on the first page, the better it is for you.

      The best keywords to focus on are the ones that result in sales. The second thing you want is the ability to dominate the search results for that keyword. You want at least one listing on the first page of search results for your targeted keyword. I try to get three or four at least. Ten listings on the first page and second page and third page will make you rich.

      Keywords that result in sales are called “buyer keywords”. These are words that people type in to the search engine when they are finished the research phase in their buying cycle.

      As general rule of thumb, when a person wants to buy something they put the word “buy” in front of the keyword, like “buy Canon camera”.

      Another way to know that you have a “buyer keyword” is to use a specific model number like – “buy Canon 7d”. A more specific keyword is a stronger “buyer keyword” than a less specific one. So, instead of “buy Canon 7d”, if someone searches for “Canon EOS 7d digital SLR camera body” they are more likely to buy.

      The more words a searcher uses to describe what they want and the more specific words the searcher uses, the better the chance that they will buy something. This applies even if they don’t use the word “buy” in their description.

      You can replace the word “buy” with: purchase, acquire, obtain, invest in, get, shop for, order, pay for, decide to buy, spend money on, decide to purchase, choose, find, select, pay money for, pick up, get hold of, procure, look for, decide upon, grab, receive, go for, attain, decide on, own, deals on, locate, invest in, take ownership of, use, purchasing, seek, etc. Use the appropriate synonym for your niche.

      In addition to being able to target buyers instead of “lookers”, buying keywords are generally easy to dominate in the search engines because there isn’t much competition for them. You can have several listings of your website on the first page of Google if you handle it right.

      Imagine the sales you would get if your website was the only one listed on the whole first page (or two, or three pages) of a Google search for the keywords people use when they are ready to buy. That’s exciting!

      Once you have identified the right keywords, you need to get backlinks from high traffic, high authority websites.

      It is not easy to get backlinks from these websites. If you want to dominate the search results you will need to get backlinks from hundreds of high authority websites. That can take a lot of time. But there are short-cuts.

      In the next article I’ll explain how to get backlinks and targeted traffic from high page rank sites.

      If you want to skip the theory and get straight to the software for seo that makes it all possible go here: . For training and mentoring on how to make money online go here. This article will show you a little known way to get traffic to a website that never fails.

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