How To Get Sales By
Focusing On The Goals Of An Article

Article-Marketing-1 is the core of any successful article.

      To be truthful, you aren't going to sell much from article marketing if you don't achieve all of the goals of an article in each article you write.

      There are seven main goals of an article that you need to achieve to get people to click on your link and then buy from you. I'll mention them briefly in this article and give you more details in subsequent articles.

1. Attract Your Reader's Attention

      There are two aspects to gaining attention of your potential customers. First the subject of your article needs to be so interesting that they can't help but read further. Second, the headline and the first couple of sentences need to quickly and clearly communicate what your subject is.

2. Get Your Prospect To Read The Whole Article

      Once you've got your prospect's attention you need to keep it by talking about something new.

      You need to say something that they didn't know before or say it in a way that they hadn't seen before. You need to give people a valid reason to keep reading or they will just move on without finishing. This is known as the "news value" of an article.

3. Get Your Prospect To Respect You

      Make sure that whatever you say in the article sounds credible. Many times you will find yourself in a situation where you will need to explain a few things before the reader can agree with you. Take it slow. Don't just blurt out a statement they will disagree with or they won't finish the article. Make each sentence solid and believeable. Slowly build up credible arguments so your reader comes to a logical conclusion that they wouldn't have accepted in the beginning.

4. Make Your Reader Feel
Like You Understand Them

      This concept is so basic for any salesperson but all the courses on article marketing ignore it completely. If you expect to sell anything, first you need to have a rapport with your reader. Joe Vitale addresses this in his sales letter writing course as "maintaining their trance". In The Robert Collier Letter Book he calls it "staying in step with the conversation going on in their mind".

5. Make Your Article Worth Your Reader's Time

      Reward your prospect for taking the time to read your article. If the reader learns something valuable they will repay you by following your suggestion to click on the recommended affiliate link. The more real value you provide the more responsive your customer will be.

6. Set Them Up So They Want To Buy The
Product You Will Ultimately Offer For Sale

      This is the basis of all successful selling through articles. It's known as pre-selling. You shouldn't be selling directly in your article but you should provide insightful information to help them appreciate the features in the product you will be selling.

7. Motivate Your Prospect To
Click On The Link In The Resource Box.

      This is the simplest goal to achieve if you have successfully achieved the previous goals. All you have to do is ask them to click on the link provided. Just make sure you ask for them to take action. Always ask for a specific action or they won't click on the link.

      Writing profitable articles is a matter of getting people to click on your link when they are pre-disposed to making a purchase. When your articles achieve all of the goals presented here it is more of a science than an art. Just follow the steps and you will be amazed at the results.

      Article-marketing-1 is just the beginning. I'll go into great detail on each step in subsequent articles so you know exactly what to do to be successful.

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