This is an exclusive resell-rights-membership program that creates original products for only its members.

Brand New Master Resell Rights Products

Warning: If You Want To Continue Beating Your Head Against The Wall With Totally Oversold And Dated Resell Rights Products, Then This Just May Not Be For You...But If You're Finally Ready To Grab Brand New Smoking Hot Products With Real Exclusive Rights, Then...

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Fairytale? Not A Chance...This Is Your Shot At Lazy Money So You Better Act Fast!

"My resell rights packages are designed to afford you maximum profit for minimum effort. It's for that reason that my offerings sell out every time, and sell out very quickly (often in just hours).

You have a very limited window of opportunity to get your hands on this amazing package, with only 1000 total spots available, before the doors close on it for good. In fact, if the dotted box below contains an opt-in form right now then you are already too late.

If it contains a blue order link, then congratulations to you because you still have time! Grab your license right away by clicking on the secure order link below. Enjoy your new products and your hefty profits. See ya on the other side!"

Grab Your Resell License For This Incredible Offer By Clicking The 128 Bit Encrypted, Secure Order Link Below...

Need to know more...please read on then...but hurry, before it's too late!

Dear Friend,

My name is Liz Tomey and I've been around the Internet Marketing scene for some time now.

Since July of 2004 I have been blessed enough to earn a fantastic living online. I get to run my business from home, spend time with my family, and I'm doing so well that my husband was able to quit his $70,000 a year job to come work with me.

It wasn't always that way though. In fact, when I first started in this business I couldn't seem to get my finger on the pulse of this thing at all.

I was shelling out big money, buying product after product, but no one was buying from me.

It was a real mystery because I had been involved in my own successful direct mail marketing company, and I completely expected to carry that success right over to the Internet.

Well, that was wrong.

It took a little while but I *did* eventually figure out where I was going astray, and why I wasn't bringing in the profits I hoped for and expected.

I'd like to share those mistakes with you right here and now, so you can avoid them and save yourself the thousands of dollars that I wasted!

  • Buying Non Exclusive Products - Far too many people were out there trying to pitch the exact same products I was marketing. I'd get my hands on resell rights for a product only to find thousands upon thousands of other people were selling the exact same thing.

    That's definitely not a recipe for success unless you're an incredibly big player with big advertising dollars to back you up.

  • Buying Products That Ended Up In Price Wars - We've all seen it. Some marketers don't understand the skills it takes to market on value. They only understand price and they make sales by underselling everybody else.

    I'd already been trying to battle against thousands of other people, all selling the same products I was, and then I'd happen upon some site listing that very product for a few measly bucks...and worse yet, some were even giving it away!

    How do you compete with that and win?

  • Buying Old And Outdated Products That Everyone And Their Mom Already Owned - And then finally, to top it all off, I was trying to market products that had been out for ages.

Yes, I had apparently uncovered the ultimate formula for success...try to sell products thousands of others are selling, and compete against folks that are offering it for pennies, all while 99% of the possible customers already owned it.

So, once I came to the realization that my strategy had some dents in it, I truly thought about quitting the master resell rights business altogether.

Ever hear the saying, "When the student is ready the master will appear."? Well, in July of '04, I checked my inbox one morning to find an email that completely changed my mind about resell rights.

It wasn't your standard hype filled drivel with promises of millions by Monday...nope it was an email about master resell rights for a little blogging product.

And what's more, the author of the email was the product originator, and he stated that there would be a maximum of 1000 licenses sold. On top of that, the license required that the product be sold for a minimum amount.

In one fell swoop he eliminated the issues of too many people (I knew I could compete against only 1000), he eliminated the problems of low-ball pricing, and best of all...his product was brand new, and based on a hot topic at the time.

Well, this was something I could sink my teeth into. I immediately went to his website to purchase the product. It came with the product in pdf format, a Sales Letter web site, and all the graphics I needed.

It was plug and play. All I had to do was insert my own payment buttons and get on to promoting it.

Within 24 hours I had made 9 sales...within 48 I had made 17 sales...and within 72 hours I had sold 32 copies. This went on for about a week's time.

When it was all said and done I had made $2479 on that one product, which only cost me $97, and the only thing I had to do was promote it.

If you're wondering if this got me interested in resell rights products are absolutely correct.

I was fired up and began trying to hunt down as many of these product offers as I could. I was doing pretty well for a while when I found myself running into a brick wall again.

The problem was locating product creators that offered resell rights packages on a limited and exclusive basis. Most would sell as many as they could because that's how they made their money.

Obviously, as I had mentioned earlier this is a problem for folks like us, selling resell rights products for profits. If we're battling against too many other marketers, we're just spinning our wheels.

Well, I was on the verge of tossing in the towel once more. It was just not worth the time to try to find these products, which were clearly needles in a haystack.


I have never been known to quit. Call it stubborness. Call it stupidity. Call it fortitude. Call it whatever you want.

But I decided that if no one else was going to provide me with a solution then I would provide one for myself. And hey,if other marketers having the same struggles as me wanted a piece of the action, I'd be happy to help. was born.

For the first time ever online, there is a site whereby you can purchase brand new, never before seen, resell rights products which are sold on a first come first serve basis, to the first group of smart marketers that take action!

Hi Liz

I am very exited with your new website. You really supply great products and the fact that you provide your own original products helps me to resell them very quickly and profit well from them. Keep up the good job!

David Zohar

Hey Liz,

I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying Every month I look forward to seeing the new products you've put together.

I love having a constant flow of fresh products to promote to my subscribers. It takes all of the pressure off me to find new, quality products that I know my subscribers will enjoy!

Top quality stuff, every month.

Great job Liz, as always - Keep up the great work!

All the Best,

Mike Steup

"How Can Become Your Original E Products!"

Have you struggled to find the online success you've dreamed of?

Resell rights are the "great equalizer" of Internet Marketing. They allow anyone, regardless of experience to fully leverage their time and multiply their money.

If you've been trying to find your way, or even if you've been around this business for a while, this is quite simply, the fastest, esiest way to get profitable online!

Some big hitters and power players will tell you that you need to be creating your own products.

Sure, you can do that but there is a BIG problem with creating your own products. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of editing, testing, tweaking, and on and on.

I'm not sure about those guys that tell you how easy it is because no matter how you slice it, it is a major undertaking.

It is so much more efficient to purchase resell rights for hot and fresh products and turn that into fast, easy, and lazy profits.

Again, the trick here is to make sure you're getting...

Fresh, hot products

Products that are limited to a pre-determined and established number of marketers

Products that can't be sold at lowball prices or given away for nothing

This is exactly what I've done for you with and this is exactly why you need to be one of the first 1000 members to take decisive action right now. Are -

  • Sold Only To 1000 Customers - We will NOT sell more than 1000 memberships. Once the last membership is sold we will close the doors on this offer. No amount of begging, pleading, or bribing will do any good. We're giving you the opportunity to profit 100% from the products that we create for you, so you don't have to!

  • NOT Products That I Have Purchased Resell Rights To - These are comlpetely orignal and we have developed and created them in-house at our expense. Be careful with other sites and their claims, as some will offer resale rights to products that have already been sold many times over!

  • Products That Cannot Be Given Away - While it is prohibited to tell someone what they can and cannot charge for a product if we catch someone selling one of our products and lowball prices that devalue the products, we will ban them from MyOriginalEProducts permanently. It is our goal to ensure that everyone of our customers has a fair playing field.

  • Completely Turnkey And Ready For Sale - All MyOriginalEProducts come with a professionally written Sales Letter, professionally designed graphics, and a completed digital product in a downloadable format. We've built the product and the marketing materials for simply need to upload them to your servers, plug in your payment links, and profit!

In addition to everything mentioned above, your purchase of MyOriginalEProducts is completely supported with our helpful, knowledgable, and courteous support team!

"Ok, Liz...So What Sizzling Hot Master Resell Products Do You Have On Tap For Me?"

Here are this months sizzling hot, brand new products you'll get full master resell rights to and you'll get to keep 100% of all the profits for yourself.

This is as turnkey as it gets because you'll receive each digital product in downloadable format, a professionally written Sales Letter, and professional created graphics.

Each of these products is brand new, literally fresh off the press, and each has been carefully developed to esnure maximum profits in their respective niches.

And you'll continue to get 4-6 brand new smoking hot products every single month!

If I sold these individually, with the resell rights, I could easily ask $97 per product. This package contains 4 new products, and at $97 each, that adds up to a combined total of $485.

That's not pie in the sky. Nope, those are very realistic numbers, perhaps even a touch on the conservative side.

You're getting master resell rights, 100% of the profits, an exclusive license, and you don't have to worry about lowball marketers on 4-6 hot, in-demand products, each and every month.

I can almost hear you thinking, "Liz, what's my investment for this awesome package?"

Please read on for just a moment...because you're also going to get these 3 fantastic bonuses if you act right now...

3 **Incredible Bonus Gifts** For Fast Movers

"High Profits With Master Resell Rights Workshop "

You'll get a totally free pass to my "High Profits With Master Resell Rights Workshop" where I'll teach you....

How to use master resell rights on the back end of free stuff to make a load of cash...

How to create special packages to make an extra $2000-$5000 whenever you want...

How to use an autoresponder to put your master resell rights business on autopilot...

How to get others to promote your master resell rights products for you...

And so much more!!

This workshop will be held online via live webinar, so you'll be able to watch over my shoulder and see exactly what to do. At the end of the workshop, you'll also be able to ask any questions you may have and I'll personally answer them for you!

Value: $497

"A New Monthly Bonus Package"

Each and every month, I'll also give you 3-4 of the best master resell rights products that I find online. I'm very picky about what I sell, so you can be sure you're only going to get the best products I can find online. I'll buy them so you don't have to...

Value: $97 Monthly

Free Membership To

This is where REALLY dominates the competition. We can honestly say that no matter what your skill level is, you can become a memer of and with the help of you'll be up and profiting with your very own resell rights products in no time. teaches you everything with easy to use and follow video tutorials. We start at the very first steps you need to take all the way to the advance stuff where we show you proven strategies that will help you earn more money from resell rights products.

ResellRightsForNewbies + MyOriginalEProducts = HUGE PROFITS FOR YOU!

Value: $97

That's a total value of $691 and if you'll recall the main products in this package are worth at least $485.

So, you have a combined total value for all products, plus the 3 Bonus Gifts for fast movers, at $1167.

That's a real value, not inflated or padded, and I'm sure if you've shopped around for exclusive resell rights packages before you'll know I'm spot on.'re probably still wondering just how much your investment will be to grab one of the only 1000 packages available...

If you act today you'll get everything mentioned above for an astonishingly low investment of only $19.95 per month.

Consider This...

  • Other sites are asking far more and you get far less. These are all brand new, original products in which you keep 100% of the profits. Sell just one product each month and you recoup your costs. You'll be quickly and easily in the money.

  • will sell out because smart marketers recognize the significant value and jump on it.

  • You don't have a whole lot of time to think about this. If you decide to come back again later, these will surely be gone, and you'll have the option to get on the waiting list for the next offer.

"So, Long Old Resell Rights Sites And Hello!"

The lucky 1000 members that get this package and the ones to come each month will be able to create money at will.

Everything has been done for you and there has been no stone unturned. All of the products in this package come with a digital download format of the completed product, a professionally written Sales Letter, and professionally created graphics.

You're only responsibility is to plug, play, and profit each and every month... And with the free bonus to you'll be taught how to do that too. We're leaving nothing out!

Once you purchase the resell rights they are yours forever...

Once you see how easy and profitable it is with these MyOriginalEProduct resell rights products, you'll never be willing to market resell rights products any other way again.

This means you're probably shocked at the incredibly low investment in which I'm practically giving it away for only $19.95 per month..

There are only 1000 spots open and they will go quickly so you need to act fast.

Wondering what will happen if you don't do anything? Simple. All 1000 will sell out, and you'll be left to watch those folks pass you by, almost profiting at will.

Don't let that happen ever again. Act now and be profitable today!

Thank you,

Email Liz
253 4th St - Gates, TN 38037

PS - In an effort to provide you with the fairest of all possible opportunites I will developed and create 4-6 brand new, in-demand products, for you to sell for 100% profit every month. But, that also means that I have to limit the number of buyers to only 1000. Act now to get your hands on this before it's too late!

PPS - This truly is a limited offer. I don't do marketing gimicks and pretend that there is only a limited quanity to entice you to buy quickly. No...I have to keep this membership to a reasonable number so that you're protected and ensured maximum profits for minimum efforts. Get your package now!

PPPS - The last offer I put out like this was for 500 packages and that sold out within just hours and I charged $97 for those 500 packages. The smart marketers will scoop this offer up immediately so you best grab yours before you miss out. I will not sell anymore memberships once these 1000 are gone, so please don't even ask.

Yes, Liz! I am sooo ready to get my hands on this incredible offer of over $1157 worth of fresh, sizzling hot, resell rights products for a paltry $19.95 a month.

I understand that I must act immediately becuase there are only 1000 spots available for this fantastic offer.

I also understand that I will be able to download another 4-6 brand new products each and every month, plus a new bonus package each and every month.

It is with that understanding that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card information to purchase my new resell rights package!

"2 Questions You'd Like to Ask, And The Answers:"

Question 1: "Liz, do you promote these products before you sell them as resell rights products on"

Answer: Absolutely not. I create and package these products specifically for members only. My customers come first and I will NOT promote the product until everyone has had their chance!

Question 2: "Liz, your offer seems incredible. Why such a low investment?"

Answer: Listen, I've been there on the other side trying find any way to make money oneline. I get emails all the time from great people that need help to make it online, and it's those kinds of people, and those kinds of messages that keep me coming back for more each and every month, and always keeping this affordable.

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*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results are not typical. Your results may vary. We make no claim that you will earn any income using this tool whatsoever. Where specific figures are quoted from individuals there is no assurance you will do as well. You must assume the risk that you will not earn any income from this product.

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