Article-Copywriting Strategies To Make Sure You Get The Click To Your Website Or Affiliate Link Every Time

      Article-copywriting is the forgotten subject in all the article-marketing books and courses.

      Somehow, the crucial subject of actually how to get the article reader to click on the link that will earn you money has been glossed-over by all the article-marketing "experts".

      In this series of 25 articles I will go into great detail what it takes to get the reader of your article to click on to your website. Here are some examples of the kind of topics I will cover:

  • How to plan the goal of your article so the reader WANTS to click on your link.
  • How to attract the attention of the search engines to your article.
  • How to get your target market to read your article over others
  • Specific techniques to arouse so much interest in what you write so your reader is practically hypnotized.
  • Never-fail techniques to make your reader believe in you so much that they will want to go along with your suggestion to click on the link in the resource box.
  • How to provide so much value so your customer really appreciates you and wants to "give back" by doing as you say when you ask them to click on to your website.
  • Lots of details on the critical subject of keyword research. If you get a solid grasp of this one concept you will have the "uncanny" ability to connect with your reader. no problem connecting with your readers.
  • How to research your topic so you discover the "one thing" that will make your reader think highly of you.
  •       Some of the topics in article-copywriting are similar to what you will find in sales letter writing or copywriting courses. But article marketing is a little different. This series of articles will help you focus in on getting the most from your article writing efforts.

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          Once you start writing, the article distribution service will save you a LOT of time and make you more money than you could even if you worked full time at doing article marketing manually.

          For the full series on article-copywriting read all the articles on this page.

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